Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Slacker Blogger

Hey everyone. Yes, I know we disappeared for a month and an exciting month at that. New home (I like to call it a home even though it is an apt), new ward, holiday fun, cousins in town, etc. It has been a fun month. Maybe that's why I haven't had a sec to sit down and post pictures, nor look at any of your blogs. Thus the title of this post, slacker blogger. I hope everyone has been enjoying this Christmas season. I have tried to not get too caught up in the shopping and fluff that is associated with Christmas. But believe me, I have been into TJ Maxx 5 times looking for stuff and have driven to different stores on even Black Friday. But I've tried to focus my thoughts on our Savior and on serving others. I have tried to slow down and enjoy time with people. It has been very rewarding. I like what my sister said in her blog: Jesus wants us to celebrate Christmas and enjoy all the fun things we do but we can still do so many things to remember and honor him. I am posting a few pictures of different things we have done over the past month. Emmeline and Jon are still my joy in life.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Lights at Temple Square--Jon is an amazing photographer :)

Beautiful Temple

Spending time with Charley and Emmie--such a great pic!

The new entertainment at my house in Emmie's closet!

Hi Chew!

You will see how much fun the closet is in this video:

We visited my cute grandparents this month.

Emmie was in love with Santa at their house! She thought it was cool to have a bearded friend her size.

They are the sweetest people. My grandpa takes such good care of my grandma as she has a lot of memory loss.

Some pics of our new apartment. I LOVE my kitchen. It doesn't look like it has a lot of space, but it does--at least enough to hide all my stuff and that is all that matters.

The living room/slash Jon's office (we will get there hon I promise!)

Em's own room----yeahhh!!

Notice the diaper champ (garbage can) next to the baby dresser. This was a huge reason why we left our 1 bedroom apartment. The only place to put it before was at the end of our bed. It happened to be on Jon's side of the bed. Let's just say that smell is not relaxing and conducive to sleep. So needless to say, we are very happy that Em has her own room for many reasons.

I think this pic is hilarious. I decided to go for the slicked comb over while she was in the tub.

What a cute girl

A hair brush, computer wires (the "no no" section of our old place where she always ended up) and a sweet rock n roll hairdo!

Jon took this picture while he was babysitting. Apparently she was so upset when I left that the only thing that would calm her down was toilet paper. It did the trick!

My newest nephew is here for Christmas. Jon's older brother Mike and his cute wife Erin are here with their 6 week old baby, Andrew. He is the sweetest baby with the most peaceful, serene disposition. Such a great family. We have loved having them around.

The first granddaughter and first grandson in the Featherstone family.

My sweet in-law sisters at Erin's baby shower. I lucked out by marrying into such a great family.

My darling sis Shelby came to sleep over one night. She is wearing a contest that should have won a prize at school for being the best mom sweater on the planet. We had so much fun shopping, making caramel corn and watching Beetle Juice. I know Jama is freaked out by that movie but I love it! The guy with the shrunken head is my favorite.

Okay Jon, I wasn't going to put this picture on here, but then I just couldn't resist! Jon was helping us make caramel popcorn---but his real motive was to taste test the sweetened condensed milk. So funny. We were laughing so hard about this because it is honestly such a gross picture!

Last and best of all......the newest walker of our family!!!! Go Em! It has been so much fun to see this come about. It is like they always say.....there is nothing like watching a baby taking her first steps. It reminds you that life is simple and good.