Monday, March 11, 2013

Fun pics of the Feathies

 I just wanted to post a bunch of pictures from the past few weeks.....

Luke fell asleep like this when they were watching a show!

Emmie's picture of our family

Emmie at 6:55 am when it snowed here.  Literally awake and out in the snow in 10 min. She dressed herself. My head still hurt from getting out of bed too fast

Bathtime with the corn on the cob

Valentines candy

Valentines gift for daddy from PreK

The new "model" pose Claire does

Claire in a "seatbelt"

My Chilean family sent the kids some gifts

Nyan Cat cake we made for a friend

Before haircut

Before haircut

after haircuts!

A craft me and Emmie did one day...hahahhaha  We are mermaids

Everyone wants snuggle time with Claire Bear

She sleeps with her hippo on her face

We love this girl....she is still smiling!

Valentines box!

Emmie my hair stylist

The kids were excited to make Chex Muddy Buddies. I thought it would be a simple cooking activity to do with them....

The bag of powdered sugar exploded a bit :)

This moment was so special for me!  Claire fell asleep in Emmie's arms. She truly trusts Emmie enough to fall asleep with her. Emmie is such a great big sister.

Our one big snow day here

Good neighbor friends

Finger paints from Chile
Love these kids!!