Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Happenings

We had an uplanned Marsden Reunion last week as my brother Spencer and his wife Dian surprised us with a visit from Texas (They are now a family of 7 with the newest addition of 6 week old baby Sophia). It was a blast! I had so much fun with my whole family. It has been so long since that has happened. How long do you think Mom? This is a picture of the whole crew (well, sorry Shelby, only half of your head made it in the pic!) All 8 grandkids were there plus my belly represents baby #9 on the way. Oops, and Jon just pointed out that Spen, Scot and Parker are not in this picture. I guess I just missed that since all the Marsdens look the same. Well, we were all there at one point or another during the week.

A favorite activity of the kids was playing "pizza" or "popcorn" on the tramp. Here they all lie very still as Uncle Parker puts all the toppings on them before putting them in the oven to cook.

Spen and Diana have two twin boys (Owen on left and Hudson at far right). If you enlarge this picture you can see how much Emmie resembles the twins. She could be their triplet! Most espeically I think her and Hudson have similar faces/noses. They also had very similar personalities. We loved getting to know them more!

Lagoon Day with cousin Brenna. We had so much fun with Aunt Dosy, Tima, Brenna and Tess at Lagoon. Em loved having a friend on all the rides.

This little girl was so brave on the bumble bee. If any of you can remember this ride, is is a wild one for kids. It whips the kids around very fast and they can pull on the bar to go up high (some of the characters are dumbo and other animals). Emmy was hilarious. She pulled on the bar the entire time and whipped around way up high. Her facial expression was like "woah, this is pretty crazy!" She seemed to enjoy it and didn't cry as I thought she might. I love when she surprises me like that!

I had the time of my life watching Miss Em.

Our first camping experience.....
This is Jon and Emmie in the morning after sleeping all night in the tent (or not sleeping). We didn't realize how cold it would be in the Uintahs in August. Oh my, Jon's head got so cold in the middle of the night he stole Emmy's hat and completely stretched it out. It was hilarious! Emmy was snug as a bug with her 5-6 layers and an amazing sleeping bag/3 blankies, my large socks on her feet, etc. (I don't pack lightly). I was proud of how well Emmy did her first time in a tent. She didn't wake up once. However, Jon and I were unprepared for the cold as were the rest of my family who came. It made for a great experience. We were all glad when morning came so we could stop pretending to sleep!

Emmy was super happy to wake up and find both Mommy and Daddy on either side of her. I definitely look refreshed and well rested, don't ya think?

Jon was crazy, die hard and left the tent at 7am to go fly fishing down at the lake. I couldn't even get near the lake until about 10 am. The three hours before that I pretty much spent in and out of the parked car, blasting the heat! Jon caught two fish. Way to go babe!

Midget Shelby with the giant pink crocs showing us how cold it was.

Emmy had a blast running around, tripping on logs and finding flowers for everyone.

I love this pictures of Emmy and Granny!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Recap of the Last Month

Saying Goodbye to Baby Andrew, Mike and Erin. Emmy still talks about them and loves to ride in "Baby Andoos stroller" at GraMare's house. Aren't their blue eyes adorable???

Our amazing, rejuvenating vacation to San Diego. And yes, we left Emmy with her wonderful grandparents, otherwise the word rejuvenating would probably not describe the vacation! I want to thank our families again for watching Em while we took this get-a-way to our honeymoon spot (Coronado Island). This time we stayed downtown San Diego and went to Seaworld, spent a lot of time on the beach, ate good food and just enjoyed the time together. Thanks for a great time Noj!

Need I say more??

We also had the chance to go through a session at the San Diego temple. It was gorgeous and the spirit of the temple was such a highlight of our trip.

When we got back, Jon had nose surgery to fix his deviated sceptum. I decided to spare you all of pictures from that exciting time in Jon's life! It was a hard two week recovery, but Jon is breathing now.....through his nose (I understand that two weeks without breathing would be fatal). He can also successfully blow his nose which wasn't really possible before! I am glad you are feeling better babe. While he was laying in bed moaning and miserable, Emmy and I went to the 24th parade with the Feathies.

My sweet mother-in-law and best grandma to Em.

Em plugged her ears a lot with all the sirens. It was so cute! I think that is when she learned the meaning of the word "loud" because ever since then she uses it in the right context.

My sister-in-law Hannah was in the parade with the BHS cheerleading squad. She is an amazing tumbler and I caught a video of her flawless moves!

The other highlight of this month was our outing to the Oquirrah Mountain Temple Open House with Sue, and her two kids. Here are Emmy, Pauline and Chadwick all squished into the back seat of our car!

Sue was a good friend from our Salt Lake Ward. She really enjoyed the temple as it was her first time inside of one. She is preparing to get a temple recommend. Her excitement throughout the open house was contagious. Her kids were so good the entire time. We went on a very busy night and didn't end up going through the temple until 10pm! Emmy, Chadwick and Pauline kept themselves entertained by pushing the two strollers around the grass. They actually did really well considering the late hour and I count that as a blessing. It was neat to have Em see the temple. She talks about it now and especially likes looking at pictures of the baptismal font. She remembers the "water" and that Jesus was "batized." The other day I asked her what she wanted to do that day. She said "tempol, Pauline!" Whenever we pass a temple (or a chapel for that matter) she says "tempol mommy, tempol!" I hope that love for the temple continues throughout her life.

I was so happy that my dad came with us too. He was so good with the kids and Chadwick really liked him. I remember my dad telling me how going to the temple elevates us more than anything else. Every activity we do in a day after going to the temple is never quite as uplifting as being in that Sacred House. He helped us drive out the big group. Jon came too but somehow he was always the photographer and never in the pics.

We have also been to Lagoon twice in the past month! Once with Granny Jyl, and once with cousin Brenna. Emmy loved being with her Granny and I now know why taking kids to Lagoon is one of my Mom's simple pleasures in life. It was a blast to watch Em get so excited on the rides and I plan on taking her any chance I get!

Our little fam on the wild kingdom train (which wasn't very wild because all the animals were inside sleeping or didn't exist at all!) Jon and I even went on a ride together "Tilt a Whirl." It had been a long time since I'd been an a ride like that and I ignored the "use common sense if pregnant" warning and went anyway. I'm not sure if "noodle" (Charley's nickname for our baby boy) appreciated my judgement, but we had a good time anyway. Jon was a good sport and came too. He still hadn't fully recovered from the nose surgery and I think all our activities that week brought on another infection.....uh oh. You can thank your wife who always overschedules us. Thank goodness for antibiotics

Emmy's favorite---the "hoe-sies"

She also loved the boats. I don't have the pictures to post of her trip with Brenna but she was even more brave that day and tried some pretty wild rides. She really surprised me!

And our little Em isn't so little anymore. She just keeps growing and turning into a sweet toddler. Here she is modeling some winter boots she likes to wear around the house.

Her hair is so long now she can wear it in a ponytail!

And her latest phrase to say good bye "See ya layta"