Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No More Homework

Jon is graduating!! (I promise he is much smarter than he looks in this picture. I made him pose in front of the corny sign I made for him. I am the cheesiest wife, I know! It took me forever to blow up two ballons. Pathetic!)
My honey took his last two finals last night. Not just his last two finals of the semester, or of the school year, but his LAST two finals of his undergraduate life (possibly of his whole life if he sticks with his bachelor's degree). Wow, this could mean no more homework FOREVER! I told Jon that when I graduated last year, it was so hard to comprehend no homework. Ever since I could remember (1st grade) I have always had homework. I am a little more of a worry wart than Jon. I remember playing in my back yard in the 2nd grade and worrying about my multiplication timed test in Mrs. Mitchell's class the next day. Needless to say, those feelings of anxiety followed me all through my school years and even into my parenting years! Jon O handles school and stress a little better than I do. He paid his way through school by working along the way. He got married, had a baby and provided for me to be a stay-at-home mommy while still claiming the title "student." And, last (but not least), he graduated debt-free. SO COOL! Sorry Jon but I had to brag about you because this is a HUGE accomplishment. My gift to you is a happy baby (sometimes at the end of the day, my only accomplishment is that very thing: a happy, well-fed, clean baby.....I didn't say clean house or food on the table---besides mashed up baby food--- because sometimes those things just don't happen)

Here is our little sweetie in her two new hang out places:

Monday, April 21, 2008

Emmeline talking about her peas

Emmie started solid foods. Wahoooo!! I love it (except for the stinky diapers that follow each meal). It is fun to think of all the many tastes she will try for the FIRST TIME. I remember coming home from my mission and trying things I hadn't had for 1 1/2 years. It was so exciting. But they were things I had already tried before: licorice, cinnamon candies, Nielson's concrete icecream....you can see I missed a very sugary diet that they don't have in Chile! Anyway, Emmeline has not tried ANYTHING. (Don't worry, fruit and veggies are exciting enough for her. I don't plan on giving her sugar until her first birthday cake. We'll see how long that lasts)! Emmeline definitely had something to say about her first taste of peas:

These were some cute pictures of Em I took this morning. She loves the little light on the camera. It helps her to be very photogenic as she looks right at it and smiles or poses very sweetly! (It also helps when I sing one of her favorite songs, "Mother Goony Bird." Don't even ask. The song is getting on my nerves but she reacts so cute so I keep singing it!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Random Hilarious Moments

Emmeline is in love with her reflection in the mirror. Her and Scot are both pretty excited about it. Yes, mirrors are an amazing thing. Emmie can stare at herself for several minutes, kicking her legs, laughing and cooing. It is quite funny.

This moment takes the cake. Jon decided to suction one of Emmie's toys to his head. I was laughing so hard.

The best is when Emmie pulled off the toy to reveal a huge red hickie!! The best part is that it still hasn't gone away. People at work are questioning this mysterious red mark on his beautiful bald spot. I swear, sometimes we just don't think about things before we do them....especially when we are trying to entertain kids!

Charlotte comes and plays with me and Em every once in awhile. She helps me take care of the baby, and she also has fun jumping over our doormat. She was getting some major air!

This moment ties with the toy suctioned to Jon's head. I was getting ready to leave my in-law's house one night. My father-in-law (Grandpa Joe) took Emmie out to the car. He had to take off right after that. As he was leaving, he yelled to me from his car "I put her in the front seat, I hope that is okay!" I had to take a picture because it was too classic. I don't think I've ever seen a baby strapped in the passenger seat. Maybe it is just my quirky sense of humor, but again I could not stop laughing. If it were safe, it would make car rides much more pleasant if both Em and I could see each other. We love Grandpa Joe even with all his crazy "get 'er done" methods (he is also known for using super glue to fill in the cracks on his feet from dry skin).

6 month old Emmeline!!

I decided to post several different pictures I have taken of Em over the past 2 weeks. She is getting SO big and doing so many new things. She is such a big eater (everything goes in her mouth, including her feet). We just barely started her on rice cereal. As you can see in one of the pictures, we think she will be a "side sleeper" just like her mom. She finally grew out of the burrito wrap and I put her to sleep without the binkie last night. Big changes for the Emmers! She laughs and sits up and yells and jabbers all day long. She is my little buddy. I always have something to look forward to each day from the moment I hear her squawking to wake me up in the morning!

Mike and Erin

Jon's brother Mike and his wife Erin came to visit a couple of weeks ago from Chicago. It was so fun to spend the weekend with them. We have missed them so much. We used to get together with them all the time when they lived down the street at the Brigham Apartments. Emmie loved having company as well.

Mike and Erin recently told us their big news....Emmeline is going to have a cousin in October!! We are so excited for them. They will be such good parents. Congrats you two!

These are a few of the pages from the cute pop-up book they made my mother-in-law to tell her the big news.