Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Day in the Canyon

We went up Mueller Park canyon the other night and had tinfoil dinners (thanks to my parents' canyon pass and firewood). It was absolutely gorgeous and Emmie had the time of her life exploring every piece of grass, twig and beetle. We took some family pics and thought they would be fun for you to see.

She was loving every minute of this adventure!

Such a sweet girl

A drastic change in moods after another head "bonk" from falling.

I love this smile!! She gives it when she is truly excited about whatever she is doing. I didn't know a field of grass and dandelions would bring it out. I would see something in the distance (the sand volleyball court) and want to show it to her. We would start walking there (in my mind, thinking only of getting to the sand). She would take two steps, lean down and pick a piece of grass or a piece of dirt on the path. She was so fascinated by every little thing in between our starting point and our destination. I was only focused on the destination. I thought it was neat that she would help me remember that we can enjoy everything "in between" in our daily living rather than only focusing on finishing something or getting somewhere.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our Second Baby!

Emmie is going to be a BIG SISTER!! Jon and I announced on Sunday for Mother's Day that we are expecting our second baby in December! We are so grateful and excited. I am almost 3 months along and finally getting over the saltine cracker/ramon noodle stage (luckily this pregnancy it wasn't mac n cheese and pork n beans...yuck!) I felt much better during morning sickness than with Em. That is why I could keep it a secret until now. I guess according to some people in our families, it wasn't a secret at all because of the noticed drop in my energy level and the little "belly bump" that has showed up way earlier this time around. I was also proud of Em for keeping the secret too. She learned to pat my belly and say "baby" but she never did this around other people.

I wrapped up a Christmas stocking for my mom to open on Mother's Day. It is special to me that my baby is due in December (however, the 3rd of December is VERY close to November and I will probably have my baby early). But for now, I can be excited that my baby might share my own birthday month. My mom brought me home from the hospital in a Christmas stocking when I was born. And yes, Jon, I do mention this "unique fact" about myself pretty much every time I get the chance!! I love it. I was so happy to tell my mom and my sweet mother-in-law. They are both my greatest mentors as mothers and I seriously couldn't be blessed with greater examples and also greater friends who offer so much comfort, support, and babysitting. We love you Moms!!

The note that went along with the stocking:

YEAH for the new baby!!

Mother's Day

Isn't my husband the sweetest? He bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day. My favorite: Calla lilies

Emmie, Me, the flowers, and our monkey friend! Oh wow, yes this picture is a bit random with the giant monkey. Let me explain with the next picture.

Our neighbor Jake came down one morning and surprised Em with this giant stuffed monkey. She immediately began attacking it and wrestling with it. She was the happiest I'd ever seen her at 6:45 AM! Thanks Jake!

Now Jon and I just have to be careful because wherever we set the monkey, he always startles us. We are still searching for a place in the house to keep him without making us jump thinking some stranger is sitting on our couch, etc. Pretty funny.

This pictures seriously cracks me up. Em wanted to try on Dada's "pants" (shorts). Oh wow. I was dying.

Cute pic of Em on her truck (we stock up on quarters now so she can enjoy our grocery trips)

Our little Emmie. We love this girl sooo much, beautiful morning hair and all!!!