Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Baby, New Missionary, New Haircut

Henry Kimball Alexander was born this week! We already love him so much.

The proud, beautiful mama (for those of you who haven't caught up on our family lately this is not me having a new baby---it is my sister)

Emmie adores him so much. Isn't he so beautiful??

My little brother Parker left for his mission this week! (He did get to meet baby Henry).

We went to Denny's for his last meal with us. Pretty classic.

He is going to be the best missionary. It is always hard for me to send my brothers on missions. I love it because missions are amazing and mine changed me and made me a better person, but it is always hard to let go.

Here Parks is with the grandkids that live in town. Lukie with all the girls. But now Henry will join the Bountiful crew!

Little sweetie...get one last glimpse of his awesome hair (more to come on that)

My wonderful parents. I can't believe Parker has grown up this much! He used to share a room with me when he was 2.

Saying our goodbyes...

This was a sweet moment as Luke doesn't always give out hugs. We love you Parker and will miss you. We will pray for you and write you letters so we can be a part of your mission and hopefully a strength to you too!

And now for the new haircut. As you notice, my last post was about Luke's first haircut. It practically grew back in a couple of weeks. So we decided to go shorter. See if you can guess what device Lukie was looking at and questioning in this picture....

Emmie was excited to help her daddy with the first shave

Oh my! We love this dude's hair. This is what Daddy could look like if he wanted to!!

The final result....two bald buddies! We shaved Jon's head tonight too. He doesn't normally walk around with his shirt off :)

My little boy. No longer a baby and the buzz put an exclamation on that one. I think he is darling with his new cut. It did take come convincing from Jon but I finally came around!

Luke was checking himself out in the mirror and couldn't really figure out who he was seeing. His blue eyes stand out even more. What a sweetie

our little happy buzz boy

He does this face every once in awhile!

He's our happy lil man and we love him!