Friday, May 20, 2011

Hair Stories

Okay so first of all, my boy is BIG. He will be 18 months at the end of this month. I still call him my baby. But there have been 3 things lately that have made me realize he is no longer a baby (tears)

1) He sits forward facing now next to big sister
2) Me, Emmie and Luke now walk into the grocery store holding hands....for some reason that was a HUGE change for me! It is way fun too.
3) I was watching a couple neighbor girls--ages 5 and 3. I told them that the "baby" woke up from his nap. I went to get Luke and brought him back out to the family room. The little 3 year old looked up at Luke with a puzzled expression. She turned to me and said matter-of-factly in her Cindy Lou Who high-pitched voice "That is NOT a baby!" I was shocked.

So, let's all be honest about Luke's hair. It is amazing. It is everywhere. It floats above his head and creates an illusion that his head is really big. His hairdresser (yes he already has one) says she has NEVER seen that many hair "growth patterns" on any ONE person. It will always be something to talk about. It will always look like this in the morning if it hasn't been cut in 6 weeks.

Then by 8 weeks he looks like Donald Trump and Jon reminds me it is time for a cut. This time Jon said "BUZZ". I thought about it for a week (while the Donald Trump hair floated even higher) and I said "NOPE." Not ready. I am already in denial that he is not a baby anymore and a buzz would make him look like he's in the 6th grade.

Nonetheless it was time for a cut. These next two pics were taken a few hours ago, before the big cut.

Did I mention that I promised Jon to have it cut as close to a buzz as possible without using clippers.

I think he's used to getting his haircut now. Kind of like how baby girls do not like wearing headbands. But if you start them young enough and keep putting those headbands on, they just get used to it and don't even notice it anymore. Well, I think Luke will always sit still and act like cutting his hair is as perfectly normal as taking a bath since he has done it a lot. And it always involves a sucker (for Emmie of course too)

Did I create enough anticipation and suspense for this picture?!! Isn't he DARLING? I love his new spiky hair (still flying in every direction) Sucker in the same position staring at himself in the mirror. Love it.

He does look like he's about in the 6th grade doesn't he?

Smiling behind some balloons Em found. I am very happy this little boy is in our family and I love his wacky hair!!

On to the next hair story.....

Em was playing beauty school and rolled a comb up in my hair. Two hours later, after my mom and I worked on it, and giving up, I set up an appt to get my haircut. After I knew I was getting it cut, I just started pulling it out harder than before. Em said a prayer for me because she felt bad about it. It was really sweet.

Her prayer was answered.....and I looked like this!

After several washes with shampoo and lots of conditioner, my hair was all least most of it

Oh and when Emmie is not rolling combs up in my hair, she is eating blue markers.

But I love my two toddlers and I get excited thinking about the new adventures we will have tomorrow!! And tomorrow is Aunt Kate's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We love you. My kids adore their aunt KAKO!