Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our Friend Neve

Emmie is going to miss her good friend Neve. I'm going to miss their whole family who lives down the hall from us. Yep, we are finally upgrading from a one bedroom apartment. We are moving to B-TOWN (our hometown Bountiful) on Saturday. We are going to miss our cherished memories of the Franciscan Apts. (or as my friend Erica calls them "San Franciscan Apts.") These are a couple of videos of Emmie and Neve. Wish us luck in the move. It will be a good adventure for us but we are going to miss all our friends here in SLC so much.

Giggling Girls

This is what they would do for fun on laundry days. It would always make me laugh. Notice the doll in Emmie's hands. She kept throwing it out the basket and making Neve pick it up again. Emmie's way of having fun is to watch people work for her!! I love how Neve says "Emmie!" when she throws it out the basket. Neve would be wiped out after a few runs down the hallway.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

It was appropriate to post our Halloween Costumes today, as we decided to act as political leaders. Jon and I had fun playing the parts of John McCain and Sarah Palin. Regardless of how the election turns out today, we were happy to represent them on Halloween night (and yes John has a walker and a pair of depends hanging out the front of his suit). We can like people and still make fun of them right? Oh and if you are wondering who the little brown bellied, four eyed little munchkin in my arms is none other than the dear leader himself, Kim Jung Il of North Korea.

A model of the man himself. How do you think Emmie did? haha

John McCain giving a speech while the Haaacky mom from Alaska converses with Kim Jung Il

My wonderful family on Halloween night. I love the smurf hair hanging in your face, Rach. We had her throw on the wig she had worn at a high school dance for the pic. Mom and Shelby had fun entertaining the girls while we tried to take like 50 pictures of them (I love the digital age!)

Ariel serenading us all with "Out of This World" She really was singing the part we all know "Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh" when I took the picture. The wig was the best thing I had ever seen on little blonde Charley!

Earlier that day I dressed Em up in a giraffe outfit her cousin wore last year. I couldn't miss Halloween with cutsie pictures of Em. Kim Jung Il isn't quite what I call cute. The leaves on South Temple are amazing right now. It is always raining red, yellow and orange leaves as we walk up and down the street to the park. I am so glad it has been such nice weather as me and Em have had fun going to the park at least twice a day! Today it was raining but we did end up walking across the street to the Elementary School where they were having a bake sale for Election Day. Any excuse to leave the house for us!

My little sweetie