Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Feathie Fun in May!

We were privileged to have GrandMare come and stay with us a couple of weeks ago!  We love her so much!  Also, it turned out so perfectly when Aunt Hannah had to come to DC for work and could stay several days with us as well. The kids were in heaven!  We love family SO MUCH.

I love this picture. Such wonderful people in my life!

Everyone sent such fun gifts!

The kids had so much fun at the rec center with GrandMare

Checking out the animals at the farm


While Mare and Hannah were here, we also had the blessing of getting the newly weds to come stay at our anniversary Inn (literally our basement on an air mattress!! Ha!)  Scot surprised Sarah with a anniversary trip to none other than OUR HOUSE!hahahah Just kidding. But they did stay the first night at our place, which was so fun. Then they went to Shenandoah, a beautiful National Park an hour from here. 

We love having them close!! 

I love these three so much!  This picture is so perfect.

Then after the long weekend, the lovebirds came back to our house for a few hours before heading back to NY. It was Sarah's birthday that day, and Hannah's birthday the next week so we celebrated together :)

We went out to eat with Hannah and Mare a couple times :)

such a cutie

movie night!

Emmie going to preschool

Dance party with Aunt Han

Snuggling before we had to say goodbye

before Hannah and GrandMare left, we decided we should buzz this boy's head...

Emmie was the hair stylist of choice (not his choice but hers)

We love our buzz boy :) And he was very patient with his stylists

Jon surprised me and Mare with a beautiful bouquet of flowers on Mothers Day. It was so special to have her here that day

Mare singing to the kids

Last day with us

Beautiful day in the sand

My happy girl!

Ice cream sundaes on the way to the airport!

Sugar, cream, yumminess

and gonzo within 3 minutes of finishing it!
We will miss these days with you!  We can't wait to see you in a few weeks with the whole fam. We have been spoiled lately with the visit of my mom and then Grandmare, Hannah, Scot and Sarah. 

Emmie graduated from preschool last week.  She is such a sweetie. I can't believe she will be in Kindergarten next year. It will be hard to send her off. She is very ready though!!  I love her and was happy to celebrate this day with her.  Here are a few pictures from their "Olympics Graduation"

With her friend's baby Charlotte

Awarded a gold medal

Joseph gave all the moms, his "teachers" flower bouquets. So cute
I am going to post some more pictures of the past month....

My visiting teacher and good friend, Sarah Gray. We went on an adventure together while helping watch our other friend's kids. Between the two of us, we had 10 kids!  We took them all to a farm and hiked to a creek. It sounds crazy, but the kids were so happy and I think it would have been much harder in one of our houses!

Sarah's two girls, Lydia and Priscilla--they are so cute!

Grace and Claire--2 weeks apart. Grace is my other friend, Shawnda's girl

Lydia and Emmie are good buddies

We made it to the dentist last week. Both kids did so well! I love Lukie boy just chillin in the chair :)

I went on a girl's date with Em to Chick-filet. This was not the same day as cleaning her teeth!!

She of course picked out "lip stuff"

Little Peesh before church reading the scriptures (and ripping a hole in them)

Static hair!

Typical night at Family Home Evening

I found a place I like as much as my Grandpa's Burger Bar. Well, not QUITE as much, but it works for now!  They also serve Frozen custard so it reminds me of Nielson's custard too.

These two are so cute together

And so are these two!  This is my friend Jenn's boy, Brooks.

At our friends house for dinner last night! 

Luke's good buddy, Preston. Twinner shorts

I love how Claire will sit there and let Emmie and Luke read her books

Emmie buddy, Ryan who lives down the street.  They like to share crackers and poke each others' eyes!
I also didn't post the following pics from my mom's trip out here a couple months ago:
Emmie made this crown for Granny when she came

opening up the fans from Shelby

Got the 2 pics up above in the wrong order :)

Luke was SO EXCITED to get this REAL baseball from Papa!

It even had Luke's and Papa's name on it! Thanks Dad

Reading with Granny

Sunday dinner

Visiting the Memorials

The girl was always up for an adventure!

I love this picture. It was such a beautiful day with Granny!

One of my heros

posing in front of the cherry blossoms

We celebrated Claire's and my mom's birthdays together with cupcakes. I loved having my mom here and I am so grateful for her. 
Emmie and Lukie had a blast decorating her 1st birthday cake on her real birthday the week after Granny left.

We are looking forward to fun times this summer!