Friday, May 30, 2008

Water Bug

Emmeline now knows when her bath is coming. She can't contain her excitement. Check it out in this video.

Her hair is getting so fun to play with in the bath.
This chair my sister gave me to use in the bath has
saved my back.

An official park family

We love taking Emmeline to the park for one reason and one reason only: the bucket swing. She could stay in the swing for hours and kick her little legs back and forth. She loves being outside, watching other kids and feeling the sensation of back and forth and back and forth. There have been two occasions when I have felt like a "real" mom: pushing Emmeline in the swing at the park, pushing Emmeline in the grocery cart while she sits in the front section with the little buckle. I used to always see moms do these two things and I couldn't ever picture myself doing them. Kind of funny but those were two BIG moments!

I love this girl

My niece Charlotte at 8 am. Love this girl.

Memory Grove

Jon took some artsy pictures at our picnic the other day. We like taking food to memory grove for dinner lately. It has been so great to have Jon home and free to hang out with us in the evenings. Em and I are both benefiting from this no homework life. Memory grove is so beautiful. Emmeline also likes watching all the dogs that run around there.

What a sweetie! We love her.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


My second journal entry. So I stole the title of this post from my friend, Diana Heder. A couple months ago she made a post about how we all seek to feel satisfaction in life. She said that satisfaction is something we constantly have to strive for. I thought that was so interesting. She also said that she had come to the point of feeling satisfied as a mother. I remember reading her post and thinking, "Do I feel satisfied as a mom?" I wasn't really sure. Well, now I am adding a post to say that as of late, I feel great satisfaction in being a mom. For me, it has been a balancing act between exerting my best effort and accepting reality. I try my best to set a routine for Emmeline so I can identify her needs (and get some sleep myself), but I don't flip out like I used to when things don't go "as planned." Maybe it has taken me longer than most to relax and be flexible as a mom, but it has been something I am still learning how to do. I have also learned how to prioritize. At first I thought I could get 10 things done in one day while Emmie was napping (dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning bathroom, read, write in my journal, post on the blog, etc.) I was totally bummed when Jon would come home and there would still be dishes in the sink. I couldn't believe that taking care of one baby could take up all my time. No way I thought! I could accomplish 50 things in one day on my mission. I had no idea that becoming a mom meant slowing down a bit!!!! It has been a really good thing for me to slow down and distinguish between essential things to do each day and other things I can do if I have time. Some days I only get around to taking care of Emmeline, reading my scriptures and maybe a shower if I'm lucky. But I'm okay with it now. It has taken great effort for me to be realistic in my expectations, and it has paid off. I feel so much better about myself as a mom. I really believe that what Sister Julie B. Beck said in General Conference Oct. 07 is true....Mothers who know "do not try to choose it all." I am trying to follow this counsel even though I could be a candidate for the energizer bunny. I know that it is important for us to prioritize and save our energy for the essential things. As one of my mission companions, Bridgette Quinn often says "less is more." So anyway, that is my long journal entry on the word satisfied.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Life as a Mommy

I want to make a tribute to all you amazing moms out there. Needless to say, I was a little bummed out on Mother's Day. Emmeline didn't sleep much on Saturday night, and I was questioning how to feel awake, energetic and happy on the one day of the year that I should!! As I was up in the wee hours of the morning with Em, I looked down at her hand and it was grasping my thumb. She looked so peaceful and happy (who wouldn't be all cuddled up and cradled in someone's arms?) It was the cutest thing to see her hold on to me like that. I guess it finally hit me that enjoying motherhood comes in those small moments....when you are least expecting it. Sometimes it bothers me how unpredictable my life can be some days. But if life were always predictable, I wouldn't be surprised by Em's giggles (or her blowouts), I wouldn't appreciate all the random moments she decides to kick and sqauwk and tell the world that she is happy. I am grateful for my own mom and all mothers in the world who are trying to find joy in the little things. I think children are the ones who help us appreciate those simple things in life. This is probably the most journal-like entry I have posted. I feel a little funny about it but I decided to go for it anyway!

Photogenic Emmeline

I don't know how long this will last, but Emmeline LOVES the flash on the camera. The result is a HUGE smile right when a picture is taken. How cool is that? I am dying at how cute she looks in her spring dress. Jon is the artsy photographer who got some sweet views outside.

Congrats Sweetie!

Jon is an official graduate. YEahhh!!!! Go Jonny! He walked last week (with Emmie in his arms, of course) and this week he received his grades. For those of you who have "walked" and received your diploma on commencement day, you know that the diploma is a fake! It says something like "this is not a real diploma. You will receive it in the mail once everything is final with grades, fees, etc." Lame huh! But we know Jon passed and we are awaiting the real thing in the mail!