Thursday, July 24, 2008

Smirkey Smile

Em has this new thing....its called her overly excited fang smile. I have been wanting to get it on camera since it first developed a couple weeks ago. Here it is!! I seriously love it. It has been my favorite face she has made so far (even more than her newborn "poop" face which was pretty stinkin hilarious!----no pun inteded)

She got her top fang teeth first and it kills me when she does her vampire smile! If you look close you can barely see them poking down.

I love this girl. She was being so good for the photo shoot that day!

This is probably one of my favorite outfits I have put on her as well. Pink, pink, pink! I don't remember who gave it to me but THANK YOU!

My baby has such a funny sense of humor (you can tell by the vampire smile). She is also very very busy. She keeps me on my toes all day and she is not even crawling yet....uh oh...I don't know what I'm in for! By the end of the day she is knackered (good thing because so am I). I find her in all sorts of positions that don't look even remotely comfortable. Either way she saws logs (literally) and I now get a full nights sleep. That is the greatest thing in my life right now---we all get sleep in our household! It wasn't easy getting to this point and so now that it is here I am appreciating ever moment of it in case it decides to leave again! Emmie is definitely the joy of my life (coupled with my sweet husband). We never thought life could get any better after we got married. Well, it certainly did and I would never ever change any part of it!


Here is Emmie's twin, Maggie. They were born 3 weeks apart, they both look exactly like their dads, they both have blue eyes and they even have matching summer dresses (not planned by the moms!) Charlie is Maggie's older brother and so very handsome!

However, Adair and I did plan to dress them on the same day for pictures.

This was Em later that day on her bike! She looks pretty comfortable on it, eh?

We went to Jon's cousin Sam's mission farewell. This is Aunt Kate and Emmeline. She LOVES her aunt Kate! Who wouldn't....she is a babe!

I think Emmie is in love with this good looking young man. Too bad they are related. This is Carter Featherstone, Jon's cousin. I love the name Carter. We even call my Parker "Carter" as a nickname. I don't even know where that one started!

The Swing Again

I just had to post another swing video. I love the way Emmie kicks those little legs!


We had a great trip to Lagoon last week with some of my family. Shelby and Parker were so nice to ride all the kiddie rides with Emmie and Charley. Parker looks stoked about it! No but they really do love watching their little nieces and nephews have fun. I am glad they were there.

Em had a great time even when she was just chilin in her carseat. She likes to watch people and seriously, I can't think of a better people watching place than Lagoon!

The Froggie--- Emmie liked it better when it was standing still. She didn't cry when it started moving but she didn't smile either. She got the "curious" look on her face. She kept looking at me for a confirmation that everything was okay. I always had a giant smile on my face and was laughing and telling her how much fun it was--- and she probably thought I was crazy.

I tried to get Em to take a nap in her stroller because, well, it was nap time! I didn't think there would be a problem....she had Bob the Bink, she was laying down (sort of) and I was telling her she should be tired......hmmm I quickly learned that there are plenty of things to distract a child from naptime, especially at a chaotic place like Lagoon. What was I thinking? She ended up staying up until bedtime (even a late bedtime like 9pm---its funny how late becomes so relative to the age and personality of your baby). She was totally wired. But she slept all night so I can't complain!

Such a cute pic of my mom, bro and Emmie looking up at her uncle. By the way, this was the Wild Kingdom train ride and I swear it is criminal to keep animals at Lagoon. They lay in a small cage all day and listen to the roar of rollercoasters and the screams of people. So sad!

Emmie was most entertained by the fountains on the train ride.

I had to include this shot in here. This is Charley on the way to Lagoon. She was so excited that her mom had bought her a pez candy dispenser. She couldn't wait to put ALL of them in her mouth. I asked her to say "Cheese" and this is what I got!

It was so cute to watch Charley on the kiddie rides. The helicopter was my favorite. Her little blonde head sticking up out of the helicopter and seeing her zip around and around made me laugh. She is a smart cookie too. She figured out how to pull the bar toward her to make the helicopter go higher!

This is the video of Em when the merry-go-round was actually going. Sorry it's kind of fuzzy. The video doesn't show it, but right when it stopped, she smiled and started kicking her legs again (kicking her legs is probably what Em could be known for. She expresses all her emotions by the movement of her legs and feet!)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hot Pink Cruiser

This car was made for Emmeline. Thanks to Devrie's little boy, Braylon, who let us borrow this while we swam at their pool. Her little boy wasn't too stoked about the bright pink car. Emmie was in heaven.

Notice white-skinned black eyed Jaws sneaking up behind her.

Thinking about crawling.......or maybe a Yoga move?

Hey cutie!

I love purple and so far Emmeline does too! My friend, Adair, taught me how to make all these cute bows for her. I had so much fun making them. I never thought I would get so into all this girlie stuff but I really can't help it with such a cute babe!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Emmeline and Charlotte

These two cousins spent one whole day together yesterday. It was a hot summer day so we stayed outside most the time (makes sense, right.....??!!) They liked cramming into this one-man stroller together. Well, Emmie liked trying to grab Charley's toes and Charley liked grabbing Emmie's head. They both didn't like what the other one was doing to them, but they were at least entertained by their own activity!

They did get to cool off quite a bit in this kiddie pool. I was tempted to at least dunk my head in it but refrained when I saw all the grass, bugs and black things floating around in it!! The girls didn't seem to mind. Emmeline liked watching Charlotte go down the slide and shout "Emmie turn" or "Gain, Gain" (again, again)

Cute little swim bug. I was so glad they were both good about wearing their hats because they are the two whitest (and most beautiful of course) girls I know. We missed the other white/beautiful cousins in Texas!!

Charlotte splashing in from the slide.

Em loves swings as you saw in a prior post! She is such a doll.

A little video of Charlotte pushing Emmeline on the swing. Notice the whole time Charlotte is saying "hol her, hol her" "hold her" She loves holding Emmie even though it doesn't quite work as Emmie nearly weighs as much as Charley! Then Charley tries to take Emmie out of the swing and Emmie grunts. She is starting to catch on when she does and does not like to be bossed around!

This is really random video. After we were with Charlotte all day, I went to my friend, Julie's wedding reception. Julie's parents live near some llamas. We have always called it the "llama farm." I have grown up seeing these llamas but this was Emmeline's first time and she had a lot to say. Just to let you know, this is the sound she makes every time she is really excited. It is normally when she sees animals. I can't wait to take her to the zoo. Sorry about the shaky camera-man moves.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Smiley Girl

This girl is the sweetest thing in the whole wide world. I love being her mommy. She is so smiley and happy when she's had a nice bath. I swear I don't know how I ended up with such a cute daughter.

Our little princess....with my foot in the picture. Nice editing job huh....or lack of it.

My little brother Scot is nicknamed "Smiley" on his mission right now. The Marsdens are always known to have HUGE smiles showing all our teeth. Well if Emmie had more teeth, I'm sure they would be showing in these pictures! The computer cord to my makeshift coffee table/desk adds to the pictures as well.

This girl LOVES my cell phone. I don't know what it is about kids and electronic devices, but she would take a remote control, cell phone, IPOD, tape player, computer, etc. over the yummiest food you could ever offer her (even Turkish Delight). In fact, the cell phone is the only thing I could get her interested in enough to roll from her back to her tummy. She even starts doing the bum up in the air dance to try to crawl for it. Pretty stinkin cute.

Emmeline and my smiley friend Mariah. We visited Mariah in Provo before she left for San Francisco this past week. She is such a great friend to me and it has been fun to have Emmeline get to know her. Mariah and I met our Freshman year at DT, which no longer exists....tear :(
We have traveled across country together twice as Mariah buys cars in her hometown West Virginia and then invites me to enjoy the 2,000 mile trip of such scenic places as Nebraska and Iowa. It is at times such as these that best friendships are formed.

Summer Fun

Sunday morning a 1/2 hour before church......somebody's ready, somebody's not. hahahahah Classsic!

Isn't she the sweetest thing in blue?

Hanging out with Aunt Shelbers. She LOVES her aunts. It is the cutest thing. Shelby is such a cute girl. I remember playing with her when she was Emmie's age. So crazy. I hope Emmie turns out like Shelby in every way....looks, personality, spirituality, spunk, humor and kindness.