Monday, May 24, 2010

Long Time No Blogging

Snow on May 24th? Emmie saw the snow this morning and suggested we go out and play in her snowsuit. Here she is posing for the camera (a pose she came up with herself and you will see she uses quite frequently. I think she came up with it herself because I don't recall posing like this, although it is possible)

There wasn't much snow on the ground, but she did find some slush on a neighbor's car.

And yes, she did eat it!

Playing in the gutter (I wish I could say this was a first)

Wishing our Aunt Hannah a happy birthday today with our wet, snowy hair!

I have posted some pictures from the past few months. Blogging has been last on the list for me, and therefore has simply not happened! Today I must feel caught up on life....ummm who knows what that even really means! I hope you enjoy the pics of my cute kiddos! I feel so lucky to be their mommy.

Jon's sister Kate got married a couple of weeks ago and she got Luke this darling suit for the occasion. Isn't this picture priceless?

It was a bit windy during our photoshoot!!

Check out that wild hair :)

Luke is a happy little guy. He is 6 months this week!

Here are some more of those poses I was telling you about....

Anther pose at the Burger Bar when we went with Rach and her family.

My two blue-eyed kids. Emmie loves Lukie Ben.

He tries his best to tolerate her!

Even with all the mauling, Lukie still loves being with his sister.

We are looking forward to more park weather...

This is Emmie's element!

Kate and Alex's wedding was absolutely gorgeous!

She is now Katelin Smith

Emmie loved her bouquet.

She is so grown-up these days.

And our Lukie....always wide-eyed and excited for life!

Such a sweet boy. His hair is still sticking straight up. We love it!

He started eating rice cereal last week. I think Emmie loves the activity way more than he does!

But Luke never stays sad for very long....

Our two sweethearts!