Sunday, June 21, 2009

We Love our Daddy

I wanted to post a tribute to Jon on Father's Day because he is the best dad in the world to our little Em. This picture was taken when we went fishing a couple of weeks ago. I love it. They were running around in this field together and playing with the big grass weeds in the water. For as much as a mama's girl Em is, she really does love being with her daddy.

Living so close to Jon's work has been a huge blessing because we get to pick him up almost every day for lunch. Lately we have been going to different parks for picnics. Em is never interested in the food because there are "sides" and "wings."

Em and Jon are good little buddies now. It wasn't always like this and Em still has her major "I can't survive if I'm not in Mom's arms" moments. However, props to Jon because he is one of the most involved dads I know and has weasled his way into Em's little heart. Lately when he leaves for work, she will ask throughout the day "daddy go?" or she'll go look out the window for the car and say "see daddy." She also likes to hide in this little blankie hut in her room. Every time we go in there, she puts her finger to her lips and says "shhhh, daddy," hoping daddy will come find her. Then anytime she does something out of the ordinary (like put black olives on her fingers, or put on mommy's makeup, or put on daddy's shoes) she says "daddy" because she wants to go and show him. It has been the neatest thing for me to see them form this bond. Jon, I really appreciate your ability to walk through the door every evening, lay work aside, and help out in whatever way you can. You truly do honor the noble callings of husband and father. We love you!

I also wanted to tell my dad how much I love him this day. He is "papa" to Emmie and as you can see in this picture, she likes to feed him! This was taken at Thanksgiving dinner. We went to Little America for the big feast and the only thing Em wanted to eat was chicken fingers. My dad gladly accepted her offer! Papa loves his grandkids and spoils them with his attention and affection just as he always has with his own kids. My dad is a big softie and cries when he talks about how much he loves his family. That is something I have never doubted--how much my dad loves me. He would sacrifice anything for anyone in our family. He is always so concerned about our well being and happiness. He also has a strong testimony of his Savior and I am so grateful he shares that with us. We love you papa!

I think I pretty much lucked out with my father-in-law. Jon's dad is the greatest. I love this picture of Jon and his parents rocking out to karaoke. One thing that brings their family together is music. One thing I love about "Grandpa Joe" is the way he brings his family together. They always want to spend time together because they have so much fun together. Joe is the first to crack jokes, razz people and get us all laughing. Then Jama will get us laughing with some story and Joe and Luke will start wheezing and then we are all dying from tummy aches laughing. I also love Joe's ability to bring his family together spiritually. He not only reads scriptures with them, but shares openly how he is applying the scriptures in his life and the help that he needs from the Lord. He is the hardest working, most humble, generous, gracious man I know. He is also an amazing chef (my favorite being French Dip) and I am so glad he has passed on his love and talent for cooking to my sweetheart, Jon! Thanks for all you do and are Joe!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

As of Late

Just a few pictures of cute Em and our summer happenings. Here she is in her brand new pink Converse shoes given to her by our friend, Jake.

Swimming at the rec center. It took her awhile to warm up to all the chaos of this indoor swimming pool. Jon took her down the big yellow slide first thing and that tipped her over the edge of not liking anything to do with that place. However, after about a half hour of watching other kids and then slowly jumping to me in the water, she soon discovered the joy of swimming and wanted to run everywhere on her own. "My tone" (my turn) as many of you have heard her say.

We've also been swimming a lot at our apartment pool. We had some of the Feathies over this week to celebrate Uncle Scottie "Doo Daa's" birthday.

Em with her favorite Uncle, Jama (she is the only one who doesn't know that yet)

Em with her two aunts, Kate and Hannah. I love this picture! They are so sweet with Em and she talks about them in her prayers.

We have made it boating once this year to Willard Bay. Emmie was so happy and content to watch the water and of course be with her aunt Shelby and Grannie (and watch Uncle Parker and Sockie from a short distance)! She probably thought it was crazy to watch people hold on to a rope and get pulled out of the water. I always wonder what goes on through the little ones' heads.

I insisted on going early in my pregnancy so I could get one more taste of my love, waterskiing. It turned out to be a beautiful day and I even had a "glass water" run to boost my spirits and keep me on a high note until I get to experience that adrenalin rush again.

Jon prefers the Wakeboard. We sometimes call him "Roger" on the lake (mostly when he does something amazingly crazy and cool) and then we call him "Wally" (when he does something crazy that results in a crash landing). Don't worry Jon, we end up calling you Rog more than Wally.

We went to the Gateway Mall with Grannie, and Emmeline had to jump out of her stroller and "see water" It was a little cold that evening but it didn't stop her from getting completely soaked. She was loving it.

And a day doesn't usually go by without a stop to the park.

The cute baby Em that is not so much a baby anymore!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Emmie's songs

Em has been entertaining us with all her singing these days. Here are a few videos of her favorites songs. First, Ring Around the Rosies.

Next the ABC's

Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day. She starts whispering it at the end. She will sometimes just break out singing this song in her carseat by herself.

Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star (she only says the first "twinkle" and then goes right into little star)

This is a song we do that goes like this "shake, shake, shake your hands as slowly as you can.....shake shake shake your hands as quickly as you can" She says "slowly as you can" pretty well. The song also has a variation of "roll, roll roll" which Emmie is doing "quickly" at the end.