Friday, August 27, 2010

New Things

My two babies. Well, let's start off with an update on Luke. He has experienced many new things lately. For one, look at his hair in this picture. Yes, his hair has always been a hot topic since he was born. It was time to chop some of those locks!

Don't you agree?? This is product-free hair minutes after waking up. His hair has always give me good laughs :)

This picture was taken the day we headed to the hair salon.

Luke wasn't sure what we were doing! My friend Shannon did an amazing job at taming his wild calic-covered head!

Here is the new look...what do you think?

We love it!

But I think it will always stick up!

Luke also has a new bed....yes, this is our living room floor. He is on three blankets and they are barricaded by pillows, ottomans, etc. The sleep situation was almost unbearable a couple of months ago. We have made a huge breakthrough, but we still need to figure out a bed for Luke! Poor guy.

Luke had his first laundry basket ride today. This was a favorite past time of Emmie back when we lived in the Franciscan.

You knew I had to post this old classic video right? This was a video I posted a year or more ago from our last apartment. Emmie's buddy Neve used to push Emmie in the laundry basket up and down the halls all the time.

Luke was fed his first bottle by Emmie. Luke doesn't take bottles. He never would. Until the other day. I was doing some chore in another room. Emmie pulled a chair over to the cupboards in the kitchen, found a bottle, poured some juice in it, and put Luke into this position to start the feeding! I went to check on them because it was extra quiet. This is what I found! Luke was happily drinking the juice and Emmie was beaming at her accomplishment. It was too cute.

Oh my poor baby. I have cried myself to sleep a lot the past week thinking of this new thing my little boy went through. Here Luke is with a wrap around his broken collar bone!

Oh my, did you even think a 9 month old baby could break his collar bone? I sure didn't. It was a horrible moment for me when I left Luke on my bed and went to grab something in the bathroom. I got distracted by Em for a few moments longer. And then we heard the thud. It was an awful sound. I came out to see Luke on his stomach on the floor. For a split second I couldn't remember if he was on the bed. The sinking realization came, YES, he was on the bed and now he is not. I couldn't believe baby had fallen off our king-size bed. And yes, it is a VERY high king-size bed. I knew Luke was hurting for the next few hours as we would wince and cry when held in different positions. After watching him when Jon came home for lunch, we determined something was wrong with his right arm/shoulder. Jon predicted it was his collar bone. He was right. When the doctor showed me the little X-ray of his skeleton and the little cracked collar bone, I again wanted to burst into tears. The doctor comforted me and told me it was the best bone to break. It would heal quickly and easily. They said they couldn't do much to help it heal though. They said he would probably break out of the wrap, which he did in less than 5 minutes. However, babies are smart and they won't use their arm if it hurts them. So, Luke has become ambidextrous these days. He has been a good sport through it all. It has been over a week and he seems almost 100% back to normal. Here is a picture of him right after the fall. I have felt so bad. I hate making mistakes that hurt someone else....especially when it is my precious, helpless baby! But, I learned that you can't put babies up high, even when they aren't crawling yet and even when you think it will be for just a second, and even when you think you put them in the very middle with a toy that will entertain them. Sometimes they are practicing being mobile behind your back (like Cordoury the bear) and sometimes they push the toy off the bed and try to lunge for it! I am grateful that he is going to be okay. I love my Lukie Ben.

What a sweet little guy. He really hasn't complained much about his broken bone and is still pleasant and sweet.

And now for an update on Em.....

She tried out the alpine slides last week which she LOVES. She calls them the "airplane" slides.

She has been doing more dancing in the rain.

And of course we hardly miss a day of swimming at the pool. In fact, one week I think we were honestly 6 for 6 (only missed the pool on Sunday). She also swam one morning and danced in the rain that afternoon. Crazy weather. Emmie will do anything to keep her swimsuit on.

She has become pro with her lifejacket.

Emmie also got her first haircut this month. She sat so still and calm the entire time. Shannon was very impressed.

These were her golden locks before...

The trim after...(not much different!)

Happy about her new doo

We went to the Featherstone cabin this summer and got some cute shots of the kiddos.

Love the hair and the smile on Lukie!

Mommy and Em

These guys are becoming best buddies! The other day I had to run something up to a neighbor's door. When I came back to the car, Lukie wasn't fussing like he normally is when the car is stopped. I asked Em if he had been crying. She said, "Yes, but then I held his hand." I looked back and their hands were still interlocked in between the carseats. It was the sweetest moment. I love being a mommy to my Emmie Shae and Lukie Ben!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Singing in the Rain

Rainy August days....

And for the skater dude....(thanks to Stacy, Ben and Max for the sweet shirt!)

Check out that doo! Oh my!