Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Baby's Laugh

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did. Today Em and I went to the park for the first time this year. She was all smiles and giggles. We had so much fun.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Two Valentines

This morning my two valentines spent some quality time together watching TV. I know quality time and TV don't go together, but in this case it really was perfect. Em isn't much of a snuggler with Dada, but it was only appropriate that today, Valentines Day, she would be!

First a tribute to my Jonny: This is a picture from our first Valentines Day together. I thought it was a classic picture because we both have changed a bit since then. I don't have time to do my hair all nice anymore and Jon has had time to lose more hair! We love each other more now than we ever have before. Things just keep getting better with Jon. I always used to say "This is the start of something good" when I first started to date Jon. It's one of the few things I've said where I couldn't have been more right! Jon loves to spend time with his two girlies. That is what a love about Jon. When he is home, he wants to be with his family. He works hard for us and then comes home to play with us. He built a fort with blankets for Em this morning and she loved it. Jon is also a good cook and plans to make me a Valentines dinner. yum yum. Jon is a very good listener. He knows when its best to let me ramble and ramble and get all my thoughts out. Then he sincerely gives his input. He stops whatever he is doing to listen to me as well (even if he is in the middle of a Harry Potter book!) Jon is a great problem solver and knows how to get work done. I'm so proud of my sweetie for all he has been and done as a father and a computer engineer and a loyal disciple of Christ. I love you sweetie!

Second a tribute to my baby girl, Emmeline. Here she is singing along with "LuLu," a friendly cartoon spider that sings the alphabet. Emmie calls her "Woo Woo." Em makes me so happy. She loves to learn new things. She also loves doing the same thing over and over (this morning she was playing with her backpack and zipping the zipper up and down for a long time). She is getting over her fear of vacuums. She likes to say "long neck" when she sees anything that has to do with giraffes (and believe me there is plenty of giraffe stuff at our house!) Her eyes are getting bluer and her hair is getting blonder every day. No sign of me in her yet! She loves the snow and would eat it all day if she could. She lets me know when to set her down by saying "walk." She has a mouthful of teeth and is still a biter....please pray she won't be the bully in nursery that breaks skin on other kids! ugh. I am planning to check out the children's book at the library that is titled "teeth are not for biting"....hahaah She likes to put on makeup just like mommy. The other day her eyelid and whole eye for that matter were caked in purple glittery eye makeup. It was so cute! The other night I snuck into her room and took her out of her crib to rock her while she slept. I miss doing that when we had to move her out of our room into the living room every night in the good ole Fransiscan apts. She felt a lot bigger than she did in the Fransican. She peacefully slept in my arms and I prayed that she would always know how loved she is.

Part of Jon's gift to me was stealing Em for a couple of hours today to go shopping for dinner. He left me to relax and enjoy the afternoon (okay so it was a great excuse to finally clean the bathrooms...I couldn't ignore them any longer) I was SO happy when he and Em showed up with my favorite.....a bouquet of wildflowers....and to top it off the dominate color was PURPLE! Thanks hon.

The next surprise was to see my parents show up at our door. "Papa," my dad, brought Em her first rose for Valentines Day. How sweet. It made our day!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Haircut

Yes, it was definitely time for some new bangs!

They were so cute long (this is a pic of Em with her friend Baylee)

but definitely in the way

So my sister-in-law Sam was so sweet to cut her bangs even though she was screaming and Rachael was holding her head in place while I held her hands down! They turned out darling.

Our little blue-eyed angel

She's ready for school with her first backpack (wouldn't it be funny to see little kids this age going to school with backpacks the same size as them?)

The peacoat is to die for! Yes, all her clothes are still from her cousin Charley! Thanks Ray

Emmie is so sweet to her "bee bee" I love seeing her rock the baby, try to wrap her in blankies, and feed her food or give her a binkie.

Cute Girlies

It has been so much fun living in Bountiful because that has meant more cousin time for Emmie and Charley. I have loved seeing them play together. Emmie is singing happy birthday to Winnie the Pooh (from the book Charley is holding).

This is a video of Em singing happy birthday (Charley wasn't too interested in singing). Emmeline just says "bert-day" over and over. So cute.

The girls love to pile all of the stuffed animals in Em's closet and "hide" in there.

The Chew has such a cute smile!

Rach and I took the girls swimming the other day and they loved it. Emmie was shivering the entire time (chattering teeth and everything) but she also kept doing the sign for "again" because she could not get enough of the slides and fun things to do.

Charley and Emmie communicated through words for the first time last week. They were playing in Em's room and all of a sudden Charley looks up and says "Does anybody want to take a tub?" I asked, "You mean, a bath tub?" She said, "Yeah!" I said, "Well, why don't you ask Emmie?" She said, "Okay, Emmie, do you want to take a bathtub? Emmie looked at Charley and then at me (I could tell she was trying to register what was just said) and then her eyes lit up and she yelled "BAAAAAA" (bath) and started running to the bathroom. So I couldn't deny them of a bath after that! Charley was making Em laugh so hard in the bath. The video didn't last long as Charley wanted to "see the pickchaaa."