Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kenyan Friends

We have the most beautiful friends from Kenya. Look at their 3 yr. old son, Chadwick--isn't he to die for? He loves loves loves when I take pictures of him!

Their second child, Pauline Kate is the same age as Emmie. She is always trying to kiss Em. It is the cutest thing.

These three have become good buddies as their mom and I spend time together shopping, cooking and talking.

Matching bows. Such cute girls. We want them to become good friends. I love that Emmie already has a friend from a different culture. Emmeline looks even whiter when she is with them. I always feel that I'm not putting enough sunscreen on her when we are outside with them!

This cute lady, Sue, is the mother of these darling children. Her and Julius moved here from Kenya in the last year. They are loving America and teaching me some interesting things about Africa. They are both the happiest people despite their challenges here. One thing I love about going to their house is the music they have playing in the background. They are always listening to local Kenyan music which has a similar beat to rap. Cute Chadwick is always dancing and this kid has better rhythm than I do! It is so great.

Sushi with Mitch and Sam

We had a blast making sushi with my brother and his cute wife Sam the other week. Jon--the Asian food lover---got all the stuff at the Asian market and taught us how to make some pretty sweet California rolls (I can't quite stomach the raw stuff. Jon says I need to buck up and get over my bad experience with the orange fish eggs he ordered for me one time!)

The finished product

My little brother....not so little anymore and kinda cwaazzy.

His cute wife Sam who won the contest for the best looking sushi roll.

Emmeline, playing on the floor and trying to get into the bottle of Wasabi paste.....ahhhh!