Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Lukie!

My Lukie Ben is TWO! He is as sweet as ever.

We went swimming at the rec center on his birthday (Nov. 29th).

Emmie was loving it. That girl is our water bug for sure.

Luke was surprising himself with how much he could do!

He makes the best faces!

Kate made this adorable birthday sign for him.

Before we went swimming, we opened up presents. This is what Emmie wrapped and gave to him! ha! He looks very thrilled..

But then the big one came! A scooter! He was SO excited and kept saying "skateboard" at first! Gotta love his side rat tail.

The Giraffe cake we made the following Sunday. Yes, Luke loves his stuffed "Giraff--ee" that he sleeps with.

He was singing happy birthday to himself. It was so cute. He is pro at that song now. If you asked him what the day was, he would yell "MY BIRTHDAY!" He had 3 with each extended family and one with just ours. So now he still thinks we are going to his birthday party if we head out somewhere!

He was so happy opening up his presents! Thanks everyone for spoiling him. A couple of weeks before, he tripped at the park and went head first into a metal pole. Hence, the scar on his eyebrow from the 3 stitches.

The Saturday (Nov. 26th) before Luke's birthday, we got our Christmas tree. This is the earliest I've ever had a Christmas tree for the season. I love it. We had a lot of fun decorating it.

Actually the kids had the most fun putting on the decorations. Jon had fun taking pictures and I had fun sitting on the couch, drinking hot cocoa and listening to Silent Night.

A week or so before Thanksgiving, I took Em to Disney on Ice. She was in heaven with all the princesses. However, her favorite performance was the Incredibles!

We had a great time together. I am determined to keep up the mommy daughter outings!

My little bubs. He's not so little anymore! He and Em were weighed at the doctor's office yesterday. Luke was almost 31 lbs and Em is 36 lbs. He has almost caught up!!

I love these two with all my heart. We are so excited to add another one to the bunch....a little angel GIRL will join us in April!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halloween Surprise

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Froggie and Bumble Bee

These tags were part of mine and Luke's Halloween costumes. WE ARE EXCITED for baby #3 :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Family Pics and Em's Birthday!

We went up to Jon's family cabin in Oakley over Conference weekend and took some family pictures in the beautiful fall surroundings. It was a lot of fun. Joe, Jon's dad and our photographer, was very patient with all my pose requests! Enjoy!!!

I am in love with my kids! (This picture was actually taken when we got home up MP canyon)

And I love my Hubby! We are coming up on 5 years in December :)

Emmie's BIRTHDAY! She turned 4 on October 12th. Both she and Luke love to wear these monster shirts from their friend, Noah. It fits their personalities perfectly!!

Here's my girl ready for her birthday party! Her family party was on October 11th so she had two days of celebrating.

The pinata was a big hit! pun intended.
Go B!

Emmie has so much family that love her!

"Big Luke" as Lukie calls his Uncle

Everyone spoiled Emmie with all the fun gifts. Emmie has had so much fun with her new stuff :) Thank you everyone!!

Kate made the darling birthday sign below. I love it and I'm saving it for every year!!

Getting fierce with the balloon....grrrr

Puff the Magic Dragon Cake. This was her favorite ride at Lagoon this year--and in fact, every year. She insisted this year on riding it BY HERSELF! And as usual, I made a whole event of cake making and had a lot of fun!

Charley Chew...also celebrated her bday that week. Big 5 year old!!

Emmie surprised me this year with being able to blow up a balloon by herself. That is the first big change I saw from age 3 to age 4...monumental I know.

When Emmie woke up on her birthday, her favorite meal was waiting for her...PANCAKES. Yes, they are waffles, but Emmie calls pancakes, waffles and french toast the same thing...pancakes!

CTR ring!

We love Dora around here :)

On her actual birthday, we went to McDonalds with Noah, Jenna and Curtis. What an American way to celebrate, right?!

Later that night, we had a wedding reception. Afterward we stopped by temple square and gave Em one of her birthday gifts--a model of the SL temple. Emmie has always said since her aunt "Kako" got married in this temple, that she would too.

We love you Emmie Doo! Happy Birthday :)