Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Emmy!

Today Emmy is two. (okay yesterday because I never ended up finishing the post). I still can't believe what a little girl she has become---no more baby. I think this first picture shows how old she looks.

Here is Emmy on her actual birthday blowing out a candle. I let her blow out as many candles as she wanted that day! She was pro this year (minus this video where she actually struggles quite a bit).

We had 3 celebrations this year. I know, more parties than how many years she has lived! The first one was a big get together with the Marsden and Alexander family. We were celebrating Charley, Rissa, Emmy and Matt's birthdays. The big surprise was the party pony. Emmy loved to look at the ponies, but the minute anyone asked her if she wanted a ride, she said "no." But eventually she warmed up and went on the pony named "Cookie Dough" a few times by herself. It was fun because she had never done anything like that before (although riding on Dad's back is a close competition).

Cousin Marissa, Emmy and Jon under some pretty Autumn trees.

Shelby is the greatest aunt to my kiddo. These next two pictures are darling.

Em loved the built in tramp. She wasn't afraid to go jump with all the big kids either. My little girl is growing up! I loved Dean Alexander's superman pose in this pic.

This was when Emmy was a bit unsure about the pony rides. She and Jon have become such good little buddies and she only prefers me over him when she is tired. One of my favorite things she says lately is, "mommy tired" when she sees me yawn (which I guess has become quite frequent!!!)

She was content to just watch the kids ride the ponies and stay with her daddy.

Birthday cake time! And just like her mom, this is always the favorite part of the celebration!

The next celebration was with the Featherstones. We had so much fun as GraMare, Kate and Hannah had prepared a princess party, tiaras and all. Here Emmy is awaiting more birthday fun.

I wasn't kidding when I said the birthday cake is my favorite part of birthdays! I have so much fun scheming ideas for the birthday cake months in advance, and carrying out the big project. This one was simple but still so much fun. Emmy has loved finding the moon in the sky and loves the nusery rhyme, "I see the moon and the moon sees me; God bless the moon and God bless me." I have always loved stars, so this cake was a perfect fit for her 2 yr. old cake. And it doesn't hurt that I could sneak in my favorite color...purple!!!

When Emmy woke up from her nap, I brought the cake to her in her crib. I had a very excited little girl who was more than ready to be a wake! She liked her "moon cake."

"Liked" the cake is an understatement. For those of you who know Emmy, you will know how truly happy she is when she is enjoying a yummy treat. She was especially happy to get her own large piece of cake and eat it however she desired (which meant eating the skittles, frosting, and then throwing the boring cake part in the sink!!!).

Emmy with Gug and Bumps. Aren't they the cutest Great Grandparents? They are so good to little Emmy. I think Em and Gug looked adorable in their tiaras.

Em has been absolutely fascinated with her dollhouse from the Featherstones. She likes to have the baby doll go potty in the little toilet. We're hoping that will influence her desire to use the big potty. She also likes the dolls to go down "the slide," which is really the roof of the dollhouse. That idea transferred quickly to her little brain as she tried to sit on the roof herself and try out the new slide. Luckily, I got to her before the roof broke. So, why isn't the idea of going on the big girl potty as fascinating as going down the roof slide??

This is Em on her actual birthday playing with all her new toys. Thank you to everyone who gave her presents! She has been loving her tea set, puzzle pieces, bubbles, play dough, baby accessories, bath toys, and books. And I have been loving to dress her in all the new clothes!

Here she is posing in a new outfit from Granny. So cute!

Feeding her dolly (well, Granny's dolly that we stole but we'll soon be giving back as Em received a surprise later that day).

The 3rd Celebration was going to the Kangaroo Zoo with our buddy Jake. Emmy adores Jake and looks up to him (literally) as a brother/uncle figure. He is so good to play with her.

They wore their matching Converse shoes.

Emmy loved all the blow up toys. It was great because Jake could take her on all the big slides while I sat and watched. Boy do I love just sitting these days!

The big surprise was Daddy's gift later that night: a baby doll, stroller, baby bed and baby highchair. Oh my, I have never seen such excitement from my baby girl. She loves going to her cousin Charley's and pushing around all her baby doll strollers. This was a dream to finally get her own. She wouldn't stop smiling and she refused to go to bed (which is kind of weird for Em....thanks to the bink!) It was really the cutest thing for Jon and me to watch.

She would go from one piece of baby furniture to the next. The baby was hungry and fed in less than 30 seconds and then the doll needed to sleep in her bed for 15 seconds, etc. It was hilarious.

All these genuine smiles reminded me of the time I first took her to the park after she could walk. The perma-grin just melted our hearts.

I asked Emmy what the baby doll's name was. She said without hesitation "Ella." She kept saying "baby Ella" over and over and just smiled and looked so happy and proud of the name she chose. It was so cute because it was so original. We don't know any babies named Ella and I'm not sure where she got that name! It was so sweet to see how well she took care of the little dolly. But toward the end of the video, you will see that Emmy is still my little baby girl as she needs me to make a "boo boo" feel better.