Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby Claire is Here!

Well Friends, Baby Claire is here!

Claire Patricia Featherstone!  Born on a beautiful rainy day in lovely Fairfax County Virginia on the 26th of April at 9:51 AM eastern time and weighing in at 8 lb 12 oz!  The biggest of the DC Feathie kids so far!  Mom and baby are doing so great.  We couldn’t be happier.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another Week in VA

The highlight of this week was a visit from Jon's brother, Mike! He had to fly into Baltimore for business and stopped in first thing to visit us. We spent the day at the Air and Space Museum.

The kids loved seeing the airplanes and jets displayed everywhere. I was extremely fascinated too.

We didn't realize that the day we went to the museum, was the day that the test Space Shuttle, Enterprise, was being retired from the museum.

Today, the Space Shuttle "Discovery" was flown on a jumbo jet from Florida to take Enterprise's place. We are actually glad we went on the day before the arrival of Discovery. It was projected that 10,000 people would be at the museum to greet the Discovery. Yikes!

As we walked around the Enterprise, a photographer came up to us and asked permission to use our pictures in the Washington Times Newspaper. She said she was interviewing people to see how they felt about the Enterprise leaving the museum. We were relieved when she decided not to interview us, and needed our names only for the pictures. We certainly didn't have any emotional attachments to the space shuttle! Here is the link and picture in the newspaper! The picture is just tiny, up in the left hand corner. Mike found it today:

Then we found Grandpa Ben Fowler's airplane....

Just kiddin.....this is the airplane model Grandpa flew in WWII, The "Hellcat". We called him while we were there to double check the names of the planes he flew.

We were happy to find The Hellcat. We had to take a picture with his namesake, Lucas Ben standing in front.

Luke liked the astronaut guys.

We were shocked to see the "Enola Gay", the exact carrier that dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. It was quite sobering to stand there and think of all the lives affected by this aircraft and the nuclear bomb it dropped.

After the museum we went to Five Guys, at Mike's request. Nothing like a good ole American cheeseburger after living in Malaysia. We then went home for Family Home Evening with Mike.

Yeah for Uncle "Mack" as Luke still calls him!

And this is how we found Luke asleep that night after a long day of fun. It looks like he takes after his Uncle Scot...falling asleep praying :)

We took the kids to the rec center this weekend. The kids loved it. I was so glad we went because I won't be doing a whole lot of these activities when the baby comes. I had so much fun playing with them and watching them walk and jump around the kiddy pool.

Major Belly Shot!
I think the lifeguards were a bit nervous about me going into labor. I was a bit nervous about it too!

After swimming we went to a local Greek Grill. I was surprised at how much the kids liked the food!

We took the Greek food to a park and had a little picnic. Luke actually fell off a huge ladder while we were there. We thought he broke his leg by the highth of the ladder but he only cried for a second, Whew.

Sunday we had our friends, the Becks over for dinner. A penguin joined us.

As well as a very handsome frog

And an ornery Buzz Lightyear

And an unknown character with an oversized green beanie tried to comfort Buzz.

We had a great time with Jenn, Dave, Brooks and Cole. The kids have loved sharing their table with friends. This picture was taken the morning after when they insisted on eating cereal at their table. I don't normally let them eat cereal on the table because they get in fights about moving the table closer to them.

Seconds after taking this picture, Emmie's bowl tipped over and we had a milk/cornflake full tablecloth and floor. I shouldn't break my "no cereal at the table" rule!

Happy Week everyone :)