Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weekend with Scot and Sarah

My brother Scot and his new bride Sarah came to stay with us as they passed through DC to their new home in Maine. Before I post about our time with them, I have a few more pictures on here of our time with Granny.
I LOVE this picture of Luke's big smile!
He loves any kind of sports being one of his very favorites.  Granny and Papa gave him this new basketball after he threw the first one they gave him out the car window. ooops!  Thanks for the new ball :)

Our latest activity with barbies has been painting swimsuits on them!  I got this idea from a friend out here and we have loved it. That way, the barbies are always somewhat dressed!  We did the majority of the barbies while Granny was here. We used fingernail polish. Emmie had a blast doing it by herself. If she got the paint on the barbie's leg or somewhere else that it wasn't supposed to go, we just used polish remover to get rid of it.  Otherwise the polish stays on really well (water-proof, etc).  We also put the barbie's hair up in a bun while we were painting the body.  So now Barbie and Ken can go to the beach 

Here's our little pumpkin with her frogger legs. 

Alseep on Granny

Oh we miss our Granny Jyl!

We celebrated Claire's one month birthday last week with some cupcakes. She missed out on the sugary goodness though

My two angel girlies

Love this picture

We went to a friend's birthday party. They had glitter tattoos there. 

Emmie was loving the unicorn

Emmie and the birthday girl, Addy

Sunday was the first day Luke fell asleep mid-spoonful.  Then a few minutes later, while half asleep, he started fumbling around the plate with his hands and shoving more lettuce and fish in his mouth.  Anyone heard of "sleep eating" instead of sleep walking, etc?  It was pretty funny. 

Here is the new married couple. We felt so lucky to have 3 days with them!  They are so happy together.

They were also SO good with the kids. I felt like I was on vacation.

The magic flying bike

Luke has been having a hard time going to other people ever since I had Claire. He has been a momma's boy to the extreme. Scot kind of shook him out of that. When Scot would say "Luke, let's go play..."  Luke would say, "No, I want momma."  Then Scot would say, "Do you want to come play with BIG DAWG SCOTTY BOY?"  And Luke would smile and said "YEAH!"  Then they would go and put their jerseys on and play basketball. So Luke then became "Big Dawg Lukie Boy".  Luke came up with a name for Scot's shorts as well. One time he just said "Why are you wearing those jersey shorts?" It was funny that he noticed they were the same material as a shirt jersey. 

I can't believe my little brother is married.  They seriously couldn't be more perfect for each other. I absolutely adore Sarah and I'm so glad she is my sister.  I asked Sarah what her favorite part of the day was besides the sealing ceremony in the temple.  She said "For sure when Scot sang to me."  They showed me a video clip of Scot singing "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds Five at their wedding reception.  It was only the first few lines that someone had posted on facebook. I can't wait to see the whole thing (thanks Rach).  But of course I started bawling.  My little brother is SO SWEET. Seriously, Sarah is the luckiest girl to have him.  He would DO anything for someone he loves.  I am SO LUCKY to have him as my brother. It was the sweetest thing to see him sing to her and put his ego and anything else on hold and sing his heart out for his dear sweetie! I was so sad I missed it.  But I feel truly lucky to have had them come to my home and spend such great times with them here on the east coast.  We are happy the East will be their new home now too!

We went outside for a bit on Memorial Day to a Carnival in Vienna. It was EXTREMELY HOT.  I think we lasted 45 min. and we were all sweating profusely...

...including Claire Berry
(I love this outfit...thanks Stacy!)

They had some carnival rides there. Here is Luke waiting in line for the "Wiggle Worm"

It was quite the ride

Sarah was the lucky one to go on the wiggle worm with the kiddos. The worms were a bit scary. One is staring at Sarah in this picture.

Luke thought it was the coolest thing in the world

He wasn't sure what was going on, but he stuck his hands up with Sarah

Emmie didn't think the rides were that cool. She has more fun on Granny's "Scrambler"  (Granny push them wildly in the laundry basket !)

Sweet Claire

People have given her the sweetest outfits.  The rest of the pictures are of this darling girl. We feel truly blessed to have her in our home. She has been sleeping relatively good and is so patient with the kids holding her. I really am grateful for this calm baby because the rest of my life is CHAOS!

Everyone say "Tummy Time!"

So alert

Isn't she sweet?