Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jon Feathie Family

This picture was taken on Jon's birthday this week. Lukie loves his giraffe and he loves being read to. What a darling boy (both of them!) I thought I would make it a tradition to post something on our birthdays.....and I guess ONLY post on our birthdays (my last post was on my birthday 3 months ago)

Emmie is 3 1/2 and has the spunkiest, cutest personality. We love her. We do miss these long beautiful locks of hers.

In February, she got her first bob! She loved it and so do we!

Here she is getting ready for a princess party with her new hair-do.

Lukie got his haircut too.....and yes he did stay like this for 95% of the time. The kid cracks me up with how mellow he is. The hair stylist could not believe how still he would sit! And no, this is not his first haircut like it was for Emmie. He has had several and probably could have used more (see next picture).

This shot was taken minutes after her woke up from a nap. Can hair get anymore amazing??

Lukie is our sweet 15 month old boy. His personality is as cute and sweet as he looks. This was his first time at the park after learning how to walk over the winter and he couldn't have been happier. Out of all the swings, slides and toys there, his favorite things to do was run around holding a pinecone. I guess that says something about nature vs man made stuff :)

My two little ones are growing up and don't look quite this tiny anymore...

Yet they still want to be babies and I'm sorry Rach if Luke breaks this swing before it gets to you and your new little boy!

Emmie gets Luke to do everything with her...including playing with their dollies. Notice that she gave Luke this scary version of a strawberry shortcake doll (a ripoff brand). I guess she and Luke have similar hairstyles.

I haven't posted since Christmas time.....but we had a really good time.

We spent Christmas at the Featherstone cabin this year. This was our version of the Christmas story. Emmie got to be Mary and baby Joseph was Jesus. Joseph's dad was Joseph. Did ya get that??! Confusing, I know. It was fun but a bit chaotic. In fact, I'm not sure a bystander would be able to tell that it was indeed the Christmas story we were reenacting!

Jon and I celebrated a great 4 year anniversary in December as well. He is the best husband I could ever dream of! He works so hard for our family (he is at work right now on a Sat. night) and I appreciate all he does and is. Love you babe!

Here are a few of our happenings since Christmastime....

Emmie experienced the cheerleader life by entering a clinic with her Aunt Hannah. She loved it and surprised us with her coordination and dancing skills!

Santa signed Emmie up for dance classes with Charley. They were hilarious to watch together. We tried it out for a month and decided to wait a little longer before sticking with the ballet class routine. I think it was fun but a bit too regimented for our rambunctious three year old! Thanks for taking care of her while she was there Charley! "umm, excuse me, my cousin isn't crossing her legs!" Too cute :)

Erin, my sis in law, lived in Bountiful with her two boys for a couple of months while her husband worked across the world in Malaysia. We had the best time doing preschool nearly every day with our kids. Mike, Erin , Andrew and Joseph have all since moved to Malaysia and we miss them SO much! We still do preschool all the time and Emmie keeps asking me when we can go visit them in Malaysia. What should I tell her?

We finally got Jon to come check out discovery gateway with us since he has been funding our pass there for the past year. The kids liked showing dada all the cool stuff there.

Both my brother and Jon's brother got their mission calls! Parker is going to Everett Washington!

Scottie is going to Argentina! They will both speak Spanish. Estoy MUY FELIZ!

My little sis Shelby turned 17 and we had fun celebrating with her. We were also so proud when she and her high school drill team took state championship this year. Go Shelbers!

We have done a bit of sledding on our grass hill with Rach and her girls. It was one of the highlights of this winter. Cute Rach was such a good sport sledding and managing all the kids while pregnant.

Emmie, Charley, Lukie (yes he does look girlish in Em's old outfit) and Brittana. These cute kiddos are so fun to watch together. Each time they see each other (even if its only been a day) they scream and run to each other to give big hugs. It is so much fun.

Well that wraps it up for the Feathie family....hopefully you'll hear from us again before the end of the year!!