Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Green Towel Princess

We present the lovely Green Towel Princess. Jon bathed her the other night and caught these great shots. He discovered that the green towel brings out the true model in Em.

A little sass! One thing funny about me is that when I was a little girl (in elem. school) I went through this phase where I would stick out my tongue in every picture. My mom did not like that one bit. But when babies stick out their tongues, it is just cute! I think this pic of Em is my favorite of the three.

Here you have it, the serious model shot with the hand under the chin. We have no idea where she got this. I promise I don't look at myself in the mirror and pose like this! I might look at myself in the mirror and practice the dance moves Shelby showed me though! hahahah

My favorite video of Em so far. I love this video for one reason. I finally caught on camera my favorite move that Em does......."rolling it" from the song "Pat a Cake" I think we should all roll our hands with this kind of grace!

Emmie's Tutu

Isn't she a doll? Scot's girlfriend Natalie made this tutu for Em for Christmas. It is darling and Emmie loves it. She even knows how to say "tutu." We were dancing on the bed yesterday and I was able to catch on camera a smile with most her teeth. If you click on the picture you can see her darling face and mouthful of teeth up close!

Em dancing to "Angels and Airwaves" Well, she is a little camera shy so I couldn't get much dancing out of her but it is still pretty cute. For some reason she decides to scrunch up her nose as one of her dance moves!

Em's Christmas dress! Isn't it so pretty? I LOVE seeing Em in dresses now that she can walk. Her GraMare, Aunt Kate and Aunt Hannah gave this to her for Christmas.

She couldn't be cuter

Practicing singing hymns before church! No actually I think she was asking me if she would see "papa" in the picture book from the last picture (that is what the grandkids call my dad). I caught her in the last "ahhh" of "papaaahh"!

A little bit of a contrast from the previous pictures?!!!! This picture makes me laugh so hard. The Feathies gave Em this snow suit and we thought we could make it work. We thought wrong!!

Aunt Shelby

Aunt Shelby spent a few days with us while my mom, and two brothers went to San Francisco. My brother Scot was able to go back to his mission and baptize one of his investigators. My mom and Parker went along to meet Scot's friends from his mission. I was so happy they were able to do this. I was also EXTREMELY happy that my little sis could spend so much time with me, Em and Jon. We had a blast. The first day we went to the rec center to go swimming. We were so surprised and excited when Em showed a love for water and also for the big water slide!! This is a huge improvement from our trip to Lake Powell when I had to force "swimming time" on her like I would force "tummy time!"

This is a great video, well at least the end of it is! You can see how happy Em is and the cutest is when she does the sign for "again" and grabs on to Shelbs with full confidence she will follow through with her request!

Sisters! I would say we do look very much alike. But Em apparently thinks so even more than I do.....she ends up calling Shelby "mama" sometimes. She also calls her "hi"! She can't pronounce Shelby's name yet, but she always says "hi" when she wants to go say "hi" to her!

Dada and Em. Em loved her dad in the pool.....especially in the lazy river.

Mama's little girl! And yes I am wearing a froggie on my head :)

Monday, January 12, 2009


Emmeline loves to play in the snow. We finally bought her this snowsuit----very oversized and impossible to walk in! However, she loves the snow and mostly has fun eating it (woops, I shouldn't have showed her that!) When she says "snow" she replaces the "s" with an "h" so it sounds like "huhno" It is so cute! Oh, I also just realized that today Emmeline is 15 months old. Wahhoooo!

This is a video of her in the snow...well actually just eating the snow! Poor thing can barely walk in the boots I bought her which yes, I know is my fault since they are 3 sizes too big. But she does pretty well in them and it's nice that she can't run away from me!

A very cute Sunday outfit from Charley. I love seeing her in dresses now that she can walk. They are darling.

The other night Jon and I got subs at Jimmy John's. Em wanted one too!! I was laughing so hard because the sub was bigger than her face.

My little sweetie in the beanie she loves to wear. Whenever she finds it, she says "hat" and brings it to me to put it on her. Then she says "dada" and tries to go and find Jon to show him. She just loves to show her daddy how cute she looks in a hat. I think the daddy-daughter relationship is slowly on it's way. Lately as Jon has gone to work, Em has cried "dada" for awhile and just stared out the window where the empty parking spot is. It is so cute. I wish Jon could see it because whenever he is home, she still chooses "mama." I can't complain but it is so nice that she is starting to show just how much she loves her dad.

Joe's Birthday

Grandpa Joe celebrated a birthday this month. We had a great time going out with the whole family (minus Scottie who had to work..bummer). Joe treated us all to Firehouse Pizzeria in Centerville. Jon and I hadn't been there since we were dating. There was one up in Logan that we went to while I was going to school there. It was so yummy and so fun to be with our fam. This is Joe and his cute daughter Kate. Em calls her "Cocoa."

Joe and Mare--sweethearts still happily married. I am so lucky to have such amazing in-laws.

It was one of our last nights with Mike, Erin and Andrew as they left back to Chicago a few days later. We miss you guys already. Please come back!

Em was walking around everywhere at the restaurant. She decided to climb in a booth and give me a total model pose for this shot. What a cutie! The hand position is what gives it such a great effect!


Jonny and I are still very happily married! We have a busy and very fun time in December with Christmas, my birthday, our Anniversary and New Years Eve all crunched into one week! I was sick on my birthday this year, but I was better to celebrate our anniversary 2 days later. I am so grateful to be married to such a genuine, smart, kind, faithful man. What a sweetheart.

And of course he brought home my very favorite thing-----flowers! Em and I both enjoyed them for a couple of weeks. Em just woke up in this picture and still has those soft cheeks and dazed eyes. Thanks for one more great year, hon!

Jon also took me to the body world exhibit in SL for my birthday that we celebrated the day after our anniversary (I know parties every day!) It was so much fun and VERY fasinating. The human body is truly amazing and an incredible gift from our Heavenly Father. This picture was taken when we picked up Em from Grannie Jyl's that day. I love this family pic because we are all smiling--proof of a very good week for the Featherstones.