Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shae's Golden Birthday!

28 on the 28th. I had a fun-filled day and the big finale was seeing the lights on temple square with Jon, Emmie and Luke. I love my little fam!

It was a marathon birthday since Jono had work off...yeah! We started out by going to the temple in the morning (my amazing sis took on 2 extra kids which meant her morning was most likely chaotic...thanks Ray!) It was a wonderful way to start the day.

Yes, Luke is wearing a hand-me-down coat from Em and it does have pink in it. At least his hat from Andrew looks more "boy."

My best friend Mariah was in town from San Francisco and took me to get a pedicure...yeah! It was such a great surprise for me to find out she was in town for Christmas. I haven't seen her for probably a year. It was so much fun...Thanks Marye! And yes, you can see my wonkie toe in this picture :) I asked Emmie which color nail polish I should get and she said blue! So, that was my present to Em as I knew she would be one of the only people who would see my toes and appreciate them in the winter anyway!

My darling Jon watched the kids and I came home to this (it was 6pm...perfect time for napping!) Thank you Jon for making this day so great...especially for facing the parking battle at temple square! Love you!

Then we went to Kneaders for dinner. We love their French dip (and of course all their pastries: see picture below)

My sis-in-law Erin surprised me with Peacock flowers (I love them) and Jon got me a new phone with a keyboard so I won't take 20 minutes to write a five word text! Thank you to everyone who called, left messages, emailed or texted me....It made my day!

P.S. Jon's Christmas present to himself:

Monday, December 27, 2010

Lukie's First Birthday

My baby turned one on November 29th. It has been a fun couple of months with all the holidays and birthdays. I cannot believe how big my little boy is! He took his first few steps on his very birthday. Then on Christmas Day we realized that he is pretty much walking (ya know, the duck waddle with a huge smile and still several falls). He is so stinkin cute! And yes, his hair is still his very best feature!!

He got a doggie cake this year! That was his first word ("Da"). He gets so excited every time we see one.

He had no problems enjoying his cake!

There's that Featherstone look!

Oh how I love being a mommy to this boy :)

The Sunday before his birthday, GraMare made a birthday dinner for him. Here he is with Emmie's help to blow out his candle.

Yum....where is his bib with his new sweater??

The feathie fam....do we really have two kids and we haven't quite been married 4 years??....well it will be four years in a couple of days!

Snuggle time with Daddy

During the day on Luke's birthday, we went sledding in our backyard (yes, I like to call the apartment courtyard our backyard just to make me feel more at home!)

Emmie is a snow bug! She loves it.

And there's my sweet little Lukie! He has the biggest smile that always melts my heart.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Trick or Treat

Emmie was Snow White for Halloween this year and Lukie was her prince! Here they are at Granny Jyl's ready to get some sugar...

still waiting and looking so cute :)

However, this was our experience 10 minutes before we got to Granny's:

Blurry pictures of crying babies. Classic.

They cheered right up to see Granny, Shelby, Scot....and CANDY!

Shelby (the cute Dr. Seuss baby) came with us to a Halloween party afterward.

Emmie's buddy Noah had a little Halloween party where they decorated cupcakes and went trick or treating. They had a lot of fun. I kept thinking they were going to turf it in the rain as they were running as fast as their 3 year old legs could carry them from house to house.

After the party we went to see "Jampa Go" and "GraMare"

Kate and Alex came to join our dance party (Snow White was dancing to some of Grandpa Joe's rock-n-roll)

More Halloween fun....the pumpkin stand next door to our place had pony rides earlier that week. Emmie rode on "Snoopy" and absolutely loved it.

We decided to carve pumpkins this year. When Emmie turned one around Halloween time, one of her first words was "umkin" She has always loved them since.

Emmie was way into all the gooey stuff. And yes, I'm sure you already guessed that she did eat some. That's our Emmie!

Lukie wasn't sure what to think!

Emmie drew the face and Jon went to work...

We liked how he turned out! Emmie named him "balance" (Must have been a new vocabulary word for her that day!)

Happy Halloween! A little late I know; I realized this after walking into the grocery store and being bombarded by candy canes, stockings, nutcrackers, snowman oreos (yes the advertising did work because those were the first things to go in my cart....they even have red filling...YUM!), and of course all the huge Toy Story 3 displays (KMart has Toy Story 3 playing on a flat screen at the display so your kids can be entertained for a few minutes while you go through the checkout line!) Oh my, TIS THE SEASON! I am excited for all the upcoming holidays....including two birthdays (me and Luke) and our FOURTH wedding anniversary....has it really been that long? Well, I guess since we have two kids, it BETTER have been that long!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Mike and Erin and their two beautiful boys came in for a surprise visit last evening. Marianne's face says it all! She was in shock and could not believe she was seeing our sweet Baltimore family in her very own living room. Andrew was very sleepy and didn't join in all the action of the night. Baby Joseph, however, was ready for the party!

Kate, Luke and I were in on the surprise so we could orchestrate everything. We planned a Halloween party to cover up the surprise visit. Emmie was so excited to meet her new cousin Joseph. I love this picture. Kate is such a sweet, gorgeous aunt.

I was THRILLED to see Erin! She looks amazing after having Joseph only 3 months ago. She and Mike were so great to fly in this weekend and spend time with family before beginning their adventure in Malaysia next week.

Still in shock.....! Mare's boss at work was so great to get someone to cover for her on Saturday so she could spend all weekend with her family.

Mare adores her grandbabies. They are lucky babies to have her.

Gug and Bumps were in on the surprise too. Bumps is always so great to pick up the Mike Feathies from the airport. This time with both babies in carseats, there wasn't room for Guggie in the car. Jon faked a call from work to go and pick her up. They had to stall for 45 min. in the car in order to show up at the same time as Bumps and the Baltimore clan. Thanks for being such a good sport Guggie!

Bumps and Gug are so amazing. They love their great grandbabies! Also, Joseph was named after Bumps---his name is Gordon and baby Joseph's middle name is Gordon. I love how Joseph is smiling in this picture.

Luke and baby Joseph. Luke was going to miss our Halloween party to go fishing in Idaho. We told Mike and Erin to fill him in so he would stay. Thanks Jama and Scottie for thinking our party was cool in the first place so we could still surprise you! Next time, don't question our parties Luke! ha:)

Emmie was so excited to hold baby Joseph. It was so late but both Joseph and Emmie were wide awake and happy to be there!

Emmie was having the time of her life watching Cinderella. She took this picture and was proud of it!

Emmie stayed up until 11pm, got to spend time at GraMares, got a darling birthday present from Gug and Bumps, and got to munch on Halloween treats. What a dream night for a three year old! The real surprise came at about 10:30pm when Emmie came and handed me an unopened Reeses peanut butter cup. She was eating a carrot and wanted me to have the candy instead.....what??? I could only conclude that she was delirious because I have never seen anything like that before :)

Emmie and Luke dressed up for the Halloween party as a prince and princess. Jon was so great to orchestrate everything for the surprise to work.

We were all pretty wiped out by the end of the night. We are so happy to spend the weekend with the Feathies. The pumpkins in the background were going to be carved but we were too excited for the visit so we kept stalling. Finally, Marianne said "Luke, come with me to the garage to scout out a place to carve the pumpkins." There was no stopping her. She walked out right when Bumps' car pulled up. We heard a scream and ran out to the garage. We had all missed the initial surprise but Mare's reaction was priceless. She couldn't have been happier.

Joe had gone to the Jazz game. (Our Halloween party wasn't cool enough to convince him to turn down a friend who had offered him a front row seat......Come on, Joe----carving pumpkins and watching Cinderella or sitting in a $1,000 seat to watch one of your favorite sports games? I don't see where the toss up was :) He was a bit taken back when he walked in and saw Erin sitting in the kitchen.

We love you Mare and Joe! And we couldn't be happier to spend time with Erin, Mike, Andrew and Joseph. Come surprise us more :) I wish we could surprise visit you in Malaysia. I'm afraid we would get lost in South East Asia and that is just downright scary.