Monday, July 6, 2009

Baby Andrew

We have been having so much with Jon's brother Mike, his wife Erin and their darling baby boy, Andrew. Here is the 8 month old showing off his walking skills and his beautiful rolls! I cannot get enough of this baby.

The Feathies came swimming at the pool and it was so fun. The pool is finally heated so the babies loved it!

Shannon and her cute baby Isabel came swimming too. It is fun for me to get together with Shannon as we have become friends through Erin and also through my sister, Rachael.

"The Boy" as Mike calls Andrew is always so mellow and just chillin (so Scottie and him are the perfect match).

Emmie loves her Aunt Kako! (and her crazy hair after she swims. Don't worry Kate, I didn't include that picture but I love it!)

All three of these babies have the most beautiful blue eyes.

Cousin bath time! Look at the size of Andrew compared to Em. I love it. This kid will be 6 feet 5 inches easily.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our New Niece Sophia Elizabeth

This beautiful baby girl, Sophia Elizabeth Marsden, was born on Sunday morning (very early in the morning) to my brother Spen and his cute wife Diana. They have the cutest family already and I am so happy they have added sweet Sophia to their family.

Look at all that hair! I love it. My mom says that Marsden babies come this way---looking like they are already a few months old.

Two Little Girlies!

Best Friends! I was looking through all my pictures and noticed some very cute ones of these two girls. It has been so fun for Rach and me to live so close and for our girls to spend so much time together. Emmy can't live a day without saying their names over and over. In fact, she has merged the names Charley and Rachael into one: "Charachael."

They are so sweet to each other (most of the time!)

Swimming at the pool has been a favorite activity of the summer. They love the water and they love swimming together. Our two fair skinned babes (we cake on the 50+ SPF).

"winging" at the park. This is Charley's favorite video of her and Em so I thought I would post it again for her.

One day I took them to the "big blue park" as Charley says, and they wanted to lay down and rest. As you can see Emmy is about ready to get back up---her "rest" lasted as long as it takes to shoot a picture.

Mine and Jon's all time favorite moment caught on camera. Charley really did help Em up and it was so cute to see how Charley held onto the pole with one hand, and to Em's hand with the other. I love these little girlies! (The title of the post comes from a chant we do whenever we hold both Emmy and Charley in our arms at the same time: "two little girlies;" they laugh and laugh).