Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hi to Daddy!

We wanted to tell our daddy hi as he has been gone for business a lot lately. I took the kids to the pool last night and they couldn't have been more happy. Happy kids = Happy mommy

They were both still happy even when we got out. I am thankful for Utah hot weather because we got out of the pool at 7:30 pm and we were still sweating from all the heat.

Emmie loves taking care of brother in the pool

Other happenings lately have been Lagoon and July 24th activities. I don't have any pics from Lagoon but this was the swing ride at the 24th carnival. Emmie is a ride maniac and loved all the rides at Lagoon. She always had a big grin on her face. She went on Puff the Dragon roller coaster with Papa and just smiled the whole ride. Her friend looked like he was about to pass out! I love watching kids on rides. It is so great.

Charley and Emmie waving to all the floats at the parade (at this point they didn't know candy was involved. After that they forgot about waving and held out their hands to catch the taffy!)

My niece, Brittana (who is at the cutest stage right now) pointing at all the police motorcycles. Her favorite word is "Woah!"

My mom helped make this float in her stake. They celebrated Boy Scout's 100 year anniversary. It was the best float there! I loved the Scout's face :)

He was staring a skunk right in the eyes. "A Boy Scout is brave" is what I think the flag said.

And in parting a picture of my two sleepy heads. One without hair, the other with too much hair.

Oh and lastly, a "cool trick" from Emmie! WE LOVE YOU JON