Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Baby

After eating Emmie is all smiles. Her hair is starting to do interesting things. Jon says I should stop giving her the "80 20 part!"

How could you look at this hooded sweetie and not feel happy? I was surprised she was calm enough to let me take her picture. She doesn't like tummy time very much.

I guess the teacher in me came out today because Emmie started raising her hand to talk!

My frog-legged princess. She doesn't fall asleep very often without being wrapped up in a straight jacket so I had to get this on film.

I'm so glad when daddy gets home. Emmie seriously loves her dad. It is the cutest thing. Even if she is ornery and tired he can somehow get her to smile (maybe it has something to do with the fact that her looks are 90% from him?? I keep looking for some sign of me in her every day and I think I can see it just a little bit)

Do you see any resemblance?? Maybe eventually she will inherit the "Marsden smile" which I am demonstrating so beautifully here! The sweater was actually handmade by a coworker of my mother-in-law. It is so cute.

We Love President Hinckley!

Jon and I were talking today about how it feels as though we have lost a really good friend that we didn't actually know on a personal level. It is hard to describe my emotions about President Hinckley's passing. I am so touched by all the people who are doing so many things to recognize his life. The media has been continually covering so many good things about him. High school students dressed up today to honor him (although I am still not convinced that they needed cell phones and "text messaging" to execute this). Dignitaries around the world are sending condolences to the church and to his family. I know his funeral will be a very large event. I know that people of all walks of life were attracted to President Hinckley because he represented our Savior Jesus Christ here on earth. He truly was Christ's spokesman. From Pres. Hinckley's character, we learn about the Savior's character. The love that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for us was radiated so many times by our beloved Prophet. I am grateful to have lived in this time. We will forever remember Gordon B. Hinckley. One of my favorite quotes from him is one that my mom shared with me a few years ago:

“It’s not as bad as you sometimes think it is. It all works out. Don’t worry. I say that to myself every morning. It will all work out. Put your trust in God and move forward with faith and confidence in the future. The Lord will not forsake us. He will not forsake us. If we will put our trust in Him, If we will pray to Him, If we will live worthy of His blessings, He will hear our prayers.” (Ensign, Oct. 2000)

I want to remember President Hinckley by being more positive in my life and by loving people as he did.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

She Rolled Over!

I was one happy mommy this morning during "tummy time." Lately I have been helping Emmie roll from her tummy to her back by turning one of her arms in toward her belly. I didn't have to do that this time. I know it's not a fluke either because she did it three times! Way to go Ems.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Too Big For Her Clothes

I haven't posted pictures in the longest time. I go through random spurts where I sit down and go through all my pictures from the past month. It gets so addicting that I can't hardly think about doing anything else that day! I hope you enjoy reading about our busy, fun Holiday season this year. It may take you a few sittings to get through all the new pictures! I took this picture of Emmie today. She is wearing my favorite outfit of hers, and yes they are sweats. I like her to be comfy and cute--the perfect combination! However, I think this may be the last time she wears them. Yesterday I started to box up all her newborn outfits. She is past the stage of being tiny. I am definitely going to miss it!

Monday, January 14, 2008


I am so glad I married Jonathan Featherstone. We were married on December 30th, only a few days after my birthday (28th). What a lucky girl I am! I thought I was lucky on the day I got married, but as time has passed, I have realized that I have been far more lucky than I could ever imagine. Jon is a unique catch and I'm so glad he chose me to be his wife! I know this is kind of sappy, but that is what anniversaries are for. We had such an amazing wedding day. We got married at 1:00 pm so I could sleep in, do my hair, makeup and any last minute things (I am pro at coming up with things I HAVE to do at the last second. I thought 1:00 would give me enough time to BE ON TIME to the temple. If you can't tell, a new year's goal that always stays on the list for me is punctuality). After the amazing sealing by Jon's Grandpa, we drove to the Matheson Courthouse in Salt Lake (after stopping by cutlers for a sandwich and cookie). The courthouse has a beautiful rotunda where we set up tables, food, flowers (pink and white daises and lilies), cake, etc. Jon's brother Luke was the DJ for the dancing we had at the end of the night. The reception was more than I had imagined in my head. It was spectacular.

The highlight of the reception was when Jon and my brothers set up their guitars, amps and drums and played me a song. Jon sang me the song "Kate is Great" by Bouncing Souls. It is a song that we both liked growing up (That is what happens when you marry your brother's have the same taste in music). I was so happy the band got back together for my wedding. It all started when John Alexander put together the band and sang to my sister Rach at their wedding. I was on my mission at the time, so I about died when they pulled it off for my big day (they only practiced 3 times before the big performance).

This is me and JonO this last summer in Lake Powell. If you can believe it or not, it has been such a fun year waiting for our little girl to come to our home (I was blessed with a great pregnancy--minus the macaroni and cheese phase of morning sickness).

To celebrate our special day, JonO took me to The Roof restaurant on top of the Joseph Smith building. Before we went, Jon gave me beautiful wildflowers and we both dressed up in our new clothes from Christmas (It was the first time I had put on something besides maternity clothes or PJs since Emmie was born). The food was amazing. If you haven't been there, you have to go! It is definitely for a special occasion. The clam chowder was off the hook! I don't even like clam chowder but I had two bowls there (and I'm not pregnant again so I can't blame it on weird cravings)! The view out the window was amazing. The Salt Lake Temple seemed to fill up the space of all the windows put together. As I looked out at the snow softly falling on the beautiful temple that glowed against the dark sky, I couldn't help but feel that the night was magical.

JonO and Emmie getting ready for the big night (I was probably doing my hair or makeup while they watched TV. Boys have it so easy!)

Jon's wonderful mom "GraMare" babysat while we went out. I didn't have to worry the entire night about Em because I knew she was with the super mom, Marianne.

After we ate, Jon and I walked around temple square. The Christmas lights were still on and it was beautiful. We didn't stay too long though because it was freezing. The spot we are standing for the picture is where Jon proposed to me.

So pretty! Jon is such a good photographer.

Shae's Birthday Bash

If any of you don't know, the week of Christmas is the reason why I live. I celebrate Christmas, my birthday, my anniversary and New Years all in that week. It was so great this year. It turns out that I scheduled baptisms for the dead with my Young Women the night of my birthday. So instead of taking me out, Jon O was stuck babysitting Emmie that night. You are the greatest Jon! When I came home that night, he had made me brownies! I was so excited to blow out the candles. I don't know ow he baked and dealt with a fussy baby. Maybe he should consider being a stay-at-home daddy!!! hahahah Naaa, I prefer that he sticks with his computer skills because he does a great job at providing for me and Em. My teaching degree wouldn't cut it if I was the only one working in this fam!

Jon gave me some sweet boots that were the perfect fit. I even did a little jig in them while holding Em and wearing the skirt I had on from baptisms!

This little girl is the reason why my birthday was so amazing this year. She makes every day a day to celebrate.

Jon and I have been way into the game "Rummikub" lately. We both feel pretty matched when it comes to winning. I think I won him this night!

Beni Hanna

Jon's family has the greatest tradition on Christmas day. Joe treats us all to an amazing dinner at Beni Hanna. Last year was my first time ever eating there. It was so yummy. I ate every piece of meat on my plate (and a few of Jon's as well). This year I cleared my plate again and this time tried something that was on Jon's plate last year---scallops and steak. YUM YUM! I was never a big meat eater until I went on a mission to South America. There is no turning down meat there. I'm glad I was converted to meat before I met Jon because now I can enjoy all the good stuff his family cooks for us and treats us to at restaurants like Beni's!

Jon's family waiting with hungry tummies for the delicious meal to come. Thank you Mare and Joe!

After the Partying was Over

This was after we had opened all the presents on Christmas morning and eaten waffles from our new waffle iron. These two were happy, full and ready for a morning nap!

Our First Christmas Together

This was our family room in the middle of the night (after Santa came). Santa covered some of the gifts in blankets this year!

Emmie woke us up at 8:00 I think (or maybe it was 7:00). Time is a blur for me. She woke up happy. It was hilarious. We got out the camera before opening the presents because we knew her hunger pains would eventually kick in. She was just as excited as we were to have our first Christmas together!

The only thing Santa gave Emmie was a Diaper Champ (a garbage can for stinky diapers)! By the way, if any of you are going to have a baby soon, and you are deciding on whether to get a diaper genie or not, DON'T. The brand name garbage can "diaper genie" is a rip off because you have to get certain expensive garbage sacks each time you need a refill. Spen and Diana told us about the Diaper Champ which allows you to use any kind of garbage sack, but still keeps the stench nice and sealed! Thanks Santa.

The new pea coat Jon got from Santa was the perfect fit! I got some new gloves, a nice formal outfit, and a bluetooth headset for my cell phone. I was totally spoiled this Christmas.

Christmas with the Featherstones

We ate dinner on Christmas Eve with Jon's family. His dad made delicious prime rib. His brother Luke brought some paper "poppers" from England. They were scrolls of paper that you twist and pull (sort of like a crescent roll dough cylinder). When it pops, a treasure inside comes flying out. I got golf tees in mine. I think JonO got some mini screws. All of the poppers had paper crowns in them.

Emmie was worn out after all the fun earlier that day when we babysat Charley.

The highlight of the night was watching Jon's brother Jama try out his new "Body Wedge" that he got at a white elephant exchange. It came with an exercise DVD and a poster with pictures of each stretch or move you could do on the wedge. It was hilarious!

Jon's mom gave me pink pajamas. I absolutely love them and want to wear them every night (But I can't do laundry that often)!

Emmeline was also spoiled by gifts from GraMare and Grandpa Joe. She didn't know what was going on, but I sure loved it all!

Best Buds

I love these two little girls. Rach and I try real hard to get them to love each other too!

Emmie is happy when she has her four favorite things: her binky, her bouncy chair, her blankie (in the form of a straight jacket), and someone smiling at her.

Christmas Adam

When my little brother Parker was little, he didn't understand the concept of Christmas Eve. The only Eve he knew was the Eve in the Garden of Eden. He automatically thought that if there was a Christmas Eve, then the day before must be Christmas Adam! Ever since then, we have called Dec. 23 Christmas Adam. We open presents with the siblings on this day. Jon is posing here with his new model rocket that Rach gave him. Her John and my Jon have been wanting to launch rockets for some time. This was a big surprise because we had forgotten about it. Thanks Rach!

Me and the rosy cheeked "Chew" (How this nickname evolved: Charlotte=Charley=Charleston Chew=Chew)

My brother Spence and his wife Diana posing with their new gifts. Parker crochets beanies and made this one for Spen. If any of you are interested, Parker is starting his own hat business. Each beanie costs $15. He is the businessman of the family! I have to say that I have been impressed with his work.

Our little Rissa Roo (Spen's daughter) in her pink winter dress. She was SOOO excited when Mitch and Samantha gave her a pair of dollar store purple high heels. She squealed in delight like it was the best thing she had ever seen in her life. I love Christmas with kids!

Baby Blessing

My little angel! We blessed Emmie on December 23, 2007 (it was special to have her blessing on Joseph Smith's birthday)! It was such an incredible day for both me and Jon. We decided to bless her so close to Christmas because my brother Spencer, his wife Diana and their four kids were in town from New York. I don't have any pictures of them from the blessing because I was too excited and busy to think about pictures. I dressed Emmie in her outfit a couple of days later and took these pictures. Jon did such a great job. Emmie and I are so blessed to have him in our lives. He truly honors his priesthood. He also did very well with a baby screaming in his ears (Emmie did not like looking up at a circle of strangers at all)! It was so neat for me to see all of my brothers, brothers-in-law, dads and Jon's Grandpa gather around the circle. We have a very supportive family who made that day such a memorable one. We missed Jon's brother and his wife, Erin who live in Chicago. Thanks everyone for coming to see our little Emmie blessed!

What a little sweetie! Thanks Grannie Jyl for the gorgeous dress and Aunt Shelby for the cute little bracelet. She looked like a princess!

She talks a lot now. This was a picture of her jabbering away.

Emmeline has a smile that melts my heart!

Christmas Eve Babysitting

I decided to stay home with the kiddies while the rest of my family went skiing to Snowbird. Everyone thought I was crazy to want to do that. Let's be honest. I would have loved to go skiing, but I would have been a nervous wreck thinking about Emmie all day. Besides that, I thought it would be a great adventure to see what it is like to take care of a 1 yr. old and a newborn. I was pleasantly surprised. This picture is evidence of how much I laughed that day! Charlotte, my sister's girl, had just woken up for the day. She wanted to join Emmie in her vibrating chair. They both stared at me like this while I pulled them around on the carpet. Morning hair, morning breath and a morning ride in the chair. It couldn't have started any better!

I tried taking a picture of the three of us eating lunch. I kept cutting Emmie's head out of the picture. However, I caught some great shots of Charley pulling the same faces as me! We were eating and singing to the soundtrack of Goofy Movie.

A classic look from the cutest Alexander baby I know!

Korean Outing

Jon and I went to our first restaurant with Emmie. It had been a long time since I'd eaten Kimchi (the Korean staple food which is aged cabbage). Don't ask me why I like that stuff but it is SOOO good. I wasn't supposed to eat it while I was pregnant so I held off until this special occasion. We went to a restaurant I can't pronounce that serves Japanese sushi and Korean barbeque. It was sooo yummy. Thanks Jonny!

They cooked the meat right in front of us.
The Kimchi is in the bowl on the top right (the red sauce is red pepper paste and it is VERY hot). I'm not sure if Emmie really liked how her food tasted after I ate that spicy dish!

This is a very yummy Korean dish called "Bi bim bop." It has a fun name and it is also very fun to make. It is fried rice served in a hot stone bowl. Because the bowl is still burning from the oven, they crack a raw egg on the top. It was Jon's job to finish making the meal by stirring in the egg. As he stirred, the egg was cooked by the heat of the rock bowl. Vuaaalaa! The egg became scrambled and mixed in with the rest of the fried rice and veggies. It was genius!

A happy, full mommy. Jon is glad that I like Korean food as he hopes to take me and Emmie there someday. Our favorite gift from our wedding is a rice cooker. We use it at least 4 times a week. I never realized how good Asian food can be until Jon introduced me to some sweet recipes (I am still not converted to sushi)