Monday, March 31, 2008

My Sweet Jonathan

What is his name? Jonathan Vaughn Featherstone

How long have we been married? 1 whole whopping year!

How long did we date? Again, one year

How old is he? 26....a great age

Who eats more? Definitely me right now. I can clear my plate and half of Jon's. Nursing does amazing things to your appetite.

Who said I love you first? He did. And yes, Jon is the only one I've said "I love you"to.

Who is taller? Jon.... by the perfect amount

Who sings better? Wow. There is NO question on this one. I get embarrassed to sing in front of Jon. He has the best pitch and voice of any guy I know. Something you have to know about Jon is that he is biggest music junkie I have ever met in my entire life. He LOVES music. He listens to it all day at work, then when he does his homework and even sometimes when he sleeps! He can hear a song ONCE and memorize the pitch, melody line, lyrics, etc. It makes you sick, huh. He can hear a song and pick it out on the guitar too. The kid is AMAZING when it comes to music. We joke that we took piano lessons together when we were little and that I was the best student and Jon O was the worst, but best overall music ability hands down goes to Jon. The other neat thing about Jon is that he likes a variety of music. He has everything from Thrice and AFI to James Taylor, Enya, and Frou Frou. The only thing we differ on when it comes to music is that I love Mormon pop and he can't stand it!

Who is smarter? Wow. Another easy one. Jon O for sure. He likes to learn about many different things and remembers what he learns too (something I struggle with)

Whose temper is worse? Hmmm. We have yet to determine that one. I get ornery without sleep and Jon has road rage. They both don't get out of hand though (Jon uses a thumbs up when he's mad instead of another finger).

Who pays the bills? I do. When we got married, Jon said that I was the family financial manager. (he is taking a large risk!) I have learned a lot about money and it has been good for me. I really appreciate the fact that Jon makes the money and I can decide where it goes! I also did our taxes which is a big task for me. I like to fill out the form and learn what everything means. (I know, I'm kind of wierd.) It works out great though because one of Jon O's least favorite things to do is paper work. And that is all that money is.

Who does the laundry? Me. Yes, I truck 3 loads a week down 2 flights of stairs. I will NEVER complain about doing laundry when we get our own machines. I promise!

Who cooks dinner? I do for now (while Jon barely has time to breathe between work, homework, and of course an occasional computer game!) but Jon is a much better cook than I am. He has introduced me to a lot of fun Asian foods that I now love. Our rice cooker is our most used wedding gift.

Who drives when together? He does.

Who is more stubborn? It's a draw.

Who is the first to admit when wrong? Hmmm. Probably me! 2 favorite words in the Marsden (my maiden name) family are "I'm sorry!"

Who wears the pants in the family? Jon says I walk all over him. hhahaha just kidding. We don't feel like either of us do (we aren't very good at decision making!)

Who eats more sweets? Definitely me. I am the biggest sweet tooth I know (A few minutes ago I finished off the box of E.L. Fudges)

Who mows the lawn? haha We are just lucky we have a covered parking lot!

Who kissed who first? Jon pulled all the moves first. He never played any dating games. It was great.

Who asked who out first? Jon. After our first date, I wasn't sure he would call me back. I was hoping he would. The next week I was cooking raman noodles at my apt. in Logan. The phone rang and I saw that it was him. I burned my finger on the pot of noodles because I was so excited!

Who proposed? Jon did. He had me fooled for sure. I thought I was going out to dinner at the roof with a best friend and she first took me to temple square to take pictures. Jon came out of the bushes when I was supposedly posing for a picture! He had a bouquet of wildflowers (my favorite) and a gorgeous ring. That was a very happy night.

What is my favorite thing about him? He knows how to handle all my emotions. He is very stable and constant and helps me have a good perspective on situations. He is a great listener. And one MORE thing.....the list really is super long.....I appreciate his philosophy on money. He never hesitates to help anyone, anywhere with money. He is the most generous person I know.

I tag any of my friends/sister/sisters-in-law who read this.....let's hear all about your hubbies!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday

After a long drive home from St. George, we ended up at Rach and John's ward. We drove separate of course (leaving at the same time but arriving 2 hours after them......we sure know how to drag out road trips). I put Emmeline in her new Easter dress. When we showed up at John and Rach's place, Charley answered the door in her new dress. I had forgotten that Grannie Jyl bought them the same one. They both looked darling and of course we had to take pictures after the church meeting. Marissa in New York has the same dress as well. The three granddaughters are sure beauties.

Like Mommies, like daughters.....well okay actually that is not the case with their looks. These are definitely two daddy's girls.

St. George Trip

We went to St. George for Spring Break. It was our first family trip....and a much needed one. We stayed with John, Rach and Charley at their Grandma's condo. It was wonderful. The girls are becoming such good friends. They are so dang cute together!

We spent some time with Grandma and Grandpa Alexander who gave us fudge popsicles. Charley's face soon matched her shirt.

We spent a day at Zion's National Park. We took a stroller hike (a big .6 miles!). However, it ended in a beautiful waterfall that you can see to the right of us (yes the waterfall was baby size but still beautiful). The Chew (Charley) was getting tired by this point.

Emmie's new sun hat.

I always have to put a shot of daddy and his girl

Family photo with Emmie staring off into space. She loved being outside and had this curious look on her face the entire time.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Emmie has been Tagged!

One of Emmie's future boyfriends (she has many prospects) tagged her last week. Braylon (Devrie's baby boy) posted all the things he likes to do. Emmeline is going to share a few of her loves:
1. Emmie loves her bath time now. She squirms, kicks and smiles even when we enter the bathroom and I lay her on the rug to get the bath going. She knows it is coming and the anticipation kills her!
2. She loves to be held by mommy. The only chair that I can set her down in for more than 5 min. is the bumbo. However, when it comes to nap time, she pushes away from me and wants to work things out in her own bed. It is nice because she goes to bed by herself (and for those of you who know that she couldn't fall asleep without being wrapped up in burritos, straight jackets, etc., would be happy to know that she doesn't need that anymore. Thank goodness because she was getting too big and strong to wrap up!)
3. She has a special smile for daddy no matter how much grief she has given me all day. He makes her so happy.
4. She may be a music junkie like her dad. He calms her down many times by playing the guitar.
5. Emmeline loves eating her feet. What baby doesn't love that? Their little bodies are so out of proportion that they can just fold in half. How convenient to have 10 little toes right in the reach of both hand and mouth?
6. Emmie admires herself in the mirror and talks to herself as well. Jon says that he would do the same if he was as cute as she is.
7. She is starting to like stuffed animals---"Zander" the teddy bear and a little chick that "peeps" when you touch its feet. But most of all we ask ourselves, "Where would we be with out the bink?" That small plastic device gives her more comfort than any of the above 6 things combined.
8. I read books to Emmie but I'm not sure how into them she is (often she looks at everything but the book, cries, or tries to fall out of my arms). I keep reading! But there is one book called "Peek-a-boo" that she loves. I'm pretty sure it is because of all the pictures of babies. She smiles, coos and hits the book when she sees the babies. She is getting prepped for another baby in our home.....hahaha......don't get any ideas because it was a total joke (even though I do eat Saltines)!

That is our sweet Emmeline!

Emmie tags Maggie, Charley, Marissa, and Madeline

Monday, March 17, 2008

Mitch and Samantha's Wedding Day

Mitch and Sam were married in the Bountiful temple on Thursday, March 13th. It was a great time to be with family and see this happy couple married for time and all eternity. Of course the entire day I thought of my own wedding day. The one day I could feel like a real princess. Sam was a beautiful bride and Mitch was just happy to be there, as grooms always are! I posted a bunch of pictures from the marathon wedding days (the first day we were in Bountiful and the second day we were at the reception in Idaho where Sam is from). It was also a great excuse to take some family pictures with Emmeline all dressed up and smiley (she must have been delirious after getting very few naps with all the traveling. Needless to say, she slept 9 hours straight when we got home from Idaho!)

Emmie loves the Guitar

Emmeline is going to be music junkie just like her dad. Every time she is fussy and "bored" (whatever that means to a 5 month old), Jon whips out his guitar and swoons her. She loves it.

Watch of video of the two rockstars:

Shelby's Birthday

Shelby turned 14 last Friday. We had so much fun dressing up as princesses for a fun dinner. Our dresses were pretty hilarious. Even little Charley dressed up for the occasion in a black sparkly dress. Only I know it wasn't really a dress--it was a sash, an apron or something we found in the dress up box!

The theme of the dinner was the Disney Princesses. We had 4 courses with food names such as "Cinderella's Delight", "Dingle hopper", "Mulan's Sword", etc. Each person had to fill out a menu with the disney descriptions before receiving their food. Each disney phrase represented a food item or a piece of silverware. My dad's first course was a napkin (Jasmine's flying carpet), a fork (dinglehopper), a spoon (Snow White's Mirror), and a knife (Mulan's sword). He had to watch everyone eat until he got his second course! It is a fun way to mix things up and eat food out of order.

Rachael wore a sweet dress she found in my mom's closet of 70's prom dresses.

I wore a silk dress I bought custom made in China when I went there in high school. It was the second time I had ever worn it. I claimed to be Mulan....hahhaha

Here is the princess herself in another one of my mom's lovely dresses. Shelby is growing up so fast. She is a pretty young lady with so many talents, one being her amazing way with kids. We love you Aunt Shelby!

Happy Birthday Dearest!

Last week I surprised Jon by taking him out to Market Street Grill for an early birthday present. I am the queen of surprises and I think I really got him this time. I told him I was going to get something special for dinner. I ended up dropping off Emmie at his mom's and coming back with a present and telling him to come with me to dinner. It was a fun surprise as he had been doing homework all day (which by the way will end in May with graduation!)

Then on his real birthday we went out with our good friends to a Korean Restaurant and came back to our place for cheesecake. Charley Chew helped him blow out the candles.

Cousin Charlotte

My sister Rachael brings Charley over every once in awhile to play with Emmie while she goes to a work meeting. The three of us have so much fun. Lately Charlotte has loved Emmie's swing. She is just a tad bit too big for it but she doesn't seem to mind and the swing holds her just fine. She sings to herself "Rock-a-bye Baby" while rocking back and forth. It is so cute.

Emmie is getting a little more used to the "loves" that Charley gives her.

Although she is still a little nervous!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Acadamy Awards

Every year my parents have us over for an Awards Dinner. We dress up nice and my mom serves us a 5 course meal. Afterwards, she gives us an award based on things we've accomplished throughout the year. It is much better than receiving an Acadamy Award. We love you Mom and Dad!

The Stars of the Show!

The highlight this year was when Jon received his award. My mom always gives candy with each award. When Jon went up to accept his award, my mom hadn't gotten his candy out yet. She said, "I didn't know what kind of candy you like, so I hope this is okay." Jon said, "As long as it's not Good and Plenty." My mom about died as she held up what she had bought for Jon. It was so classic. Jon really isn't picky about candy. In fact, that is the only kind I can think of that he doesn't like. We were laughing so hard.

I recieved the best new mommy award!

Aren't my brothers handsome? They always do crazy hair-dos for the Awards night. Greasy and beautiful!

Little Emmeline is our sugar baby! We had such a fun night as everyone was recognized. We all went home full of good food and way too much sugar! We missed you Spen, Diana, Marissa, Shem, Hudson and Owen!

Emmeline is Growing UP!

My little Dr. Seuss baby is getting such strong legs!

Look at this sweetie. I can't believe how blue her eyes are and how blonde her hair is getting. More and more I wonder what looks I contributed to this darling girl.

See what I mean?? Like daddy, like daughter. She is becoming quite the photogenic girl as well.

Emmie comes with me to do the laundry a couple days a week. We take a couple trips up and down the stairs to get it all done. There is nothing better than snuggling up to nice, warm laundry after it comes out of the dryer. Emmie smiled when I set this warm towel on her. Of course, she then started exploring it with her mouth!