Thursday, December 20, 2007

Magical Christmas

Our little Christmas baby! I love Christmas time. Having a baby in our home has made it 100 times more special. When I see Emmie in this ridiculous Christmas hat (the point at the top is hanging down behind her and touches her back!), I think of the Christmas stocking my mom brought me home in when I was born. Jon reminds me that I always tell this story when the classic question comes up in get-to-know you games "what is something unique about you?" I always tell of how I was born 3 days after Christmas and the nurses put me in a stocking to go home in. I still have that stocking! This year, my best present is a 2 month old healthy baby!!!

Jon decided that he would follow in his dad's footsteps by never going through a Christmas without a real live Christmas tree. I have always wanted it to be that way too. We had to arrange a few things in our apartment to make room for it. When Jon brought it in the house, we couldn't believe how perfect it fit! When I get up in the middle of the night to feed Emmie, I sit in the rocking chair right next to the tree. The lights make everything so magical! It has definitely made the nighttime feedings more pleasant.

Last weekend we went to Provo to visit some friends, Adam and Diana Heder. We dressed Emmie in her Christmas outfit to go caroling in at the nursing home (we decided this would be our only chance caroling this year since it was indoors!) We had so much fun cheering up the people there. I was so glad I chose to go there over going Christmas shopping. It made me so happy to see the eyes of people light up when they heard us sing and when they saw our new babies (And yes, her onsie says "I love daddy." She has been a daddy's girl and responded to his voice since she was in the womb)!

We went to Diana's house after caroling for hot cocoa, treats, and of course for feedings and diaper changes. She has a little 4 month old baby named Madeline (which by the way is the name I wanted to name a daughter ever since I was little. I LOVE that name!) However, the name Emmeline won because Jon and I both love it, and the story behind it is too classic to forget!

Our little snow baby. Great Grandma and Grandpa Weed gave her this Christmas bib. Even though she doesn't need it with eating real food, I put it on her to catch drool!

Friday, December 7, 2007

We hope this video brings a smile to your face!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Update on Em

I am finally back from a long week of sickness. I just had a common cold, but it seemed more traumatic with the lack of sleep a new mommie already deals with! Jon was so good to help out in any way he could. I believe in nursing even more now because the antibodies protected Em from catching my cold! This picture is of Em right after she got out of the bath this morning. Her Aunt Diana gave her the cute froggie towel. The best part about the picture is the NEW CLEAR binkie that Emmie is HAPPILY sucking on....yeah!!! But I honestly don't want to part with the big teal bink. It really grew on me!

I was SO excited when Jon told me that Emmie took her first bottle so nicely when I went to a high school play. I could hardly believe that she took it so easily so I had to try it out for myself. Sure enough she acted pleasantly surprised when milk came out of what she probably thought was her binkie. I am thrilled that I will be able to leave her for Friday night dates! What a good baby.

Emmie is growing up. She no longer screams and flails her arms when I undress her. It is so much easier now that she is not fighting against her onsies!

The latest is that Emmie is smiling, cooing and discovering her cute little voice. We are loving every minute of it.

Christmas Cookies

Great Grandma and Grandpa Weed ("Gugs and Bumps") had us over for dinner and Christmas cookie decorating. They do this every year with all their grandchildren. We had so much fun.

Luke, our fam, Erin, Mike, Jon's cousin Tanner, his wife Tima and their baby Brenna

Thanksgiving at the Featherstone Cabin

We had so much fun at the Featherstone Cabin in Midway for Thanksgiving weekend. "Gra-Mare" made sure I got plenty of rest as she took care of sweet Emmeline. I was so grateful. There were too many pictures to post of Grandma and Emmie in this was their favorite spot right next to the fire. Great Grandma Featherstone already had the cabin decorated for the holidays. It felt so cozy and nice.

Jon and I vegged the entire weekend. It was so nice to eat meals together, play Guitar Hero and just sit around and talk. The orange polka-dot number is not my skirt--- it's Emmie's blankie. The Featherstones said it was fun to have baby stuff around the cabin since their baby is now 13 years old!

Grandpa Joe made sure we ate like Queens and never get anything less from him in the kitchen. The turkey was close to 20 lbs. It was the biggest thigh I had ever seen!! We ate our hearts out. Thanks for a yummy Thanksgiving dinner Mom and Dad!

Gra-Mare, her angel mohawk baby, and the bright teal Mr. Bink.

It was so cold in Midway, but we made sure Emmie was dressed in layers (just like her mommy) and Grandpa Joe would get up as early as me and Emmie to start the fire for us. This picture was not taken at those wee hours of the morning. You probably knew that by seeing Jon alert and smiling for this picture!

Emmie's first Christmas Gift

We were so happy Mike and Erin came from Chicago to spend Thanksgiving with us. We have missed them so much. It was the first time they met Emmeline. They also gave Emmie her first Christmas gift.

We were so blown away when we unwrapped a personalized wall-hanging for Emmie's nursery (well for now it's a family nursery). Erin is so creative. Then they put on a DVD they had made for Em that shows her first few weeks of life. I am hoping to post the video here after my amazing husband changes the format. Thank you Mike and Erin!! We could tell that gift was made with all your love!

Snuggle time with Aunt Erin. I told Erin that last year at this time, I was posing in pictures with my newborn niece Charlotte, never suspecting that the tables would turn the very next year. For now, Erin can spoil our baby!!

Best Weekend of Our Life!

I can't decide if it was the best weekend for me, Jon, Emmie, or the Featherstones. I think we all won.....Jon and I caught up on sleep, Emmie was held the entire time and her aunts and uncles were very content holding a sleeping, smiling or even pooping newborn!

I never had to worry once about Emmie. She was always in such good hands. I was so impressed with how well her uncles took care of her.

This is Scottie's model shot with the babe!

Hannah was my nurse for the stay.... bringing me drinks when I needed them, taking the baby from me when I wanted to rest, and helping me bathe and change the babe. It was so nice!

Cute Aunt Kate! She always knows how to soothe Emmeline. They are already little buddies! I don't think Emmie will be spoiled at all.

Golf Cart Scenic Tours

These are my crazy siblings in-law taking out Grandma Featherstone's golf cart for a ride around the cabin.

They found a dirt hill......

And decided to use it as a jump! Look at Hannah's legs flying up in the air. They are out-of-control. I never doubt that we will have a good time with the Feathies!

Jama hanging out the side of the golf cart in his jersey from Gen X. This kid keeps everyone laughing.

Scottie sporting Grandpa's blue winter coat. What a nut!

Family Photos

Emmie sat so still for our family photo (I don't think she had any other option by the way we wedged her in between us)! Her little bean head looks so small between our two big noggins!

Grannie Jyl and Papa cuddling with Ems after a yummy Sunday dinner.

I could not wake up one morning to get Emmie out of her bassinet. Jon stuck her next to me before he left to work. After snuggling up next to me, she fell fast asleep again. I was so relieved!

She is definitely a daddy's girl! Jon is so cute with her and is so good to play with her. He claims he got the first smile out of her but I wasn't there to witness it. It is so fun to now get real smiles out of Em. I hope we can get one on camera soon!

Uncle-niece bonding time. Emmie's eyes were glued on her Uncle Parker. She stayed this way for several minutes. It was priceless!

Mohawk Queen

The Mohawk is getting longer and more punk-rockish. I am not quite sure how to tame it!

Shelby couldn't keep in her giggles when I was trying to get a profile shot of the amazing baby-do

Kiss Your Cousin!!

Rachael tried to get Charley to kiss Emmie on the cheek a couple of weeks ago but Charlotte was not interested at all. She wasn't quite sure what to think of a new baby. We tried again and this time Charlotte gave Emmie's nose a nice slobbery kiss!

So precious!

Then she started getting a little more fiesty and we had to take her away from the baby....