Monday, September 22, 2008

We're Still Here

Hey all, I haven't blogged in forever (well it feels like that to me). I usually put blogging on the back burner when I have a lot going on. So I thought I would post some random pictures as of late. This is the most recent shot of "Kim Jung Eel" after bath time. (Jon says Em looks like the leader of North Korea with her hair sticking straight up like this. It is getting so long). She looks like she is cross-eyed too. What a combo.....a cross eyed Kim Jung Eel.

A front shot of the beauty baby.

Random! I felt like posting this picture of Em wearing one of Jon's socks. We went to a BBQ up in the mountains and I was NOT prepared with warm clothes for Em. We became creative and Jon sacrificed his socks for Em to wear. She probably contracted Jon's foot fungus but she did stay warm.

The most recent picture with our Featherstone family. We missed you Mike, Erin and Jama! Wow, this post really couldn't be more random but I'm glad to be back into the blogging scene.

Last Boating Fling

We went to Utah Lake this weekend for our last boating adventure. And believe me, this was quite the adventure. We kept running away from a storm that was only in parts of the lake. It was crazy to be driving through pouring rain and enter a sunny spot where the water was smooth as glass. It was pretty dang cool. I also threw Jon's friend Adam off the back of the boat while I was driving. He wasn't ready when I punched the gas. It was pretty funny and luckily no one got hurt (Parker was wakeboarding and had to dodge him!) Aunt Shelby and Unca Parker playing "pat a cake" with the Emmers.

Jon's buddy Adam Heder trying out surfing on the wake. Sorry I didn't get any pictures of you, Jon! (He has mastered the sport)

I do have to admit that Parker is the Best Grandma in the world.

Shelby was so sweet to take care of Emmie the entire time. Em just loved it and I was so happy with how content she was. She lasted the whole 4 hours on the boat without even whining once. That never happens in the apt.

Eating cheetos and chillin on the boat. We always give Adam a hard time about how he eats chips or candy. We got it on camera. The water was FREEZING.

I guess the cheetos were a big hit! My brother Scottie boy.

Scot's cute girlfriend Natalie on the surf board. Dang, she was good!

My little Ems even took a nap on the boat. It was great. Shelbs had the magic touch (and so did all the white noise from the boat and water).

It was such a great day. I even braved the cold water and got a wakeboarding run in. It just so happened that I hit some of the smoothest water I've had all summer. I had a great time out there hucking some back rolls, railes, etc. It was sweet. Yeah right, I wish! I was happy just cruising around and catching my mini air over the wake. It was a good solid run to end on.

Our Favorite Time of Year

It's funny how Jon's likes and dislikes rub off on me more and more as time goes on (and lingo such as "party foul," "edumacation," "Oh Shatner," etc). He has always LOVED the Fall. I never thought much about it until I married him. Now I agree with him. It is the perfect weather, the earth is beautiful with all the changes, some of the greatest holidays are on their way, it smells so good outside, and there are some fun things to do before it gets too cold. Oh, and did I mention it is a very ROMANTIC time of year too? When sweater season starts, you need someone to snuggle up to, ya know?

Well this Fall we went on hike in Provo with our friends, the Heders. I lived in Provo for two years and never heard about this jewel (why didn't anyone tell the tenets of DT that there was one thing fun to do in Provo? hahhaah). I don't even know what this place is called or where exactly in the Provo mountains it is. (Trust me, Diana and I were driving up the canyon for miles when Jon and Adam rounded the corner in the other car yelling out the window and honking their horn to get us to stop. Apparently they had been doing this for at least a mile. Diana and I were totally oblivious to the fact that we had passed the turn off by about 12 miles! hhahaha. So yeah, don't ask me for directions there). Anyway, our destination was a waterfall and several hot springs we could swim in. Cool huh!

Em wasn't much of a hiker but she LOVED the hot springs. I was so glad they weren't too hot for babies. It was just like her tub water (with a bunch of weird green floaties). She would splash and splash us with the water.

The waterfall, me, and Em snacking on some goldfish. I even stuck my head under the waterfall just for the experience.

Diana, Madeline, Emmeline and me. Thanks Heders!