Friday, November 12, 2010

Trick or Treat

Emmie was Snow White for Halloween this year and Lukie was her prince! Here they are at Granny Jyl's ready to get some sugar...

still waiting and looking so cute :)

However, this was our experience 10 minutes before we got to Granny's:

Blurry pictures of crying babies. Classic.

They cheered right up to see Granny, Shelby, Scot....and CANDY!

Shelby (the cute Dr. Seuss baby) came with us to a Halloween party afterward.

Emmie's buddy Noah had a little Halloween party where they decorated cupcakes and went trick or treating. They had a lot of fun. I kept thinking they were going to turf it in the rain as they were running as fast as their 3 year old legs could carry them from house to house.

After the party we went to see "Jampa Go" and "GraMare"

Kate and Alex came to join our dance party (Snow White was dancing to some of Grandpa Joe's rock-n-roll)

More Halloween fun....the pumpkin stand next door to our place had pony rides earlier that week. Emmie rode on "Snoopy" and absolutely loved it.

We decided to carve pumpkins this year. When Emmie turned one around Halloween time, one of her first words was "umkin" She has always loved them since.

Emmie was way into all the gooey stuff. And yes, I'm sure you already guessed that she did eat some. That's our Emmie!

Lukie wasn't sure what to think!

Emmie drew the face and Jon went to work...

We liked how he turned out! Emmie named him "balance" (Must have been a new vocabulary word for her that day!)

Happy Halloween! A little late I know; I realized this after walking into the grocery store and being bombarded by candy canes, stockings, nutcrackers, snowman oreos (yes the advertising did work because those were the first things to go in my cart....they even have red filling...YUM!), and of course all the huge Toy Story 3 displays (KMart has Toy Story 3 playing on a flat screen at the display so your kids can be entertained for a few minutes while you go through the checkout line!) Oh my, TIS THE SEASON! I am excited for all the upcoming holidays....including two birthdays (me and Luke) and our FOURTH wedding anniversary....has it really been that long? Well, I guess since we have two kids, it BETTER have been that long!