Thursday, November 22, 2012


Today was a beautiful day:  the air was crisp, the sun was shining and the kids were happy (at least for a few moments when they were swinging at the park)!!

We had some friends over for Thanksgiving dinner. Everything turned out great! (Thanks Mom for giving me pep talks about hosting Thanksgiving dinner!!) Kids in the picture above:  Brooks, Emmie, Luke and Cole (Jenn's boys)

No Shave November

Otto ate Oreos for dinner! (see the table decor Jenn made in above picture)

Jenn and Dave

Shawnda and Nate (kids are Otto and Grace)

Jono was awesome today and yesterday (he let me boss him around with cleaning, etc :)!  Love you Noj!

baby Grace

Emmie doo in charge of the remote control :)

Luke, Brooks and Otto

 A couple weeks ago we took a walk to a lake nearby. It was beautiful.  I started reflecting on my blessings....

The biggest of which are the people that surround me every day

These Yay-hoos that I chase around all day

They are my whole world and I love them!

Today I also thought about how grateful I am for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some of the prophet Mormon's last words in the Book of Mormon are "Lay hold upon the gospel of Christ."  (Mormon 7:8).  Thanks to my sister in law Sarah's post about success, I have come to the conclusion that serving others is "laying hold upon the gospel of Christ."  He served in small ways every day. I have felt others serve me daily. It is those small things we do for each other that matter most!!  Happy Thanksgiving :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

The MoHawk

We love Luke's hair. We have always loved Luke's hair.  We grew it out for the past couple of months so we could have fun on Halloween night. And we did!

This is my buddy's hair a week before the shave. It was getting pretty long and cute as ever.  But, it was time for a cut :)

Pre-shave. He looks a bit concerned

This had to be a lot of fun for Jon

There it is my friends

And the attitude comes right along with it!

It added a new dimension to the batman look!!

Batman, Princess Aurora, and the Little Mermaid!

Oh yes, Luke loved his hair and was totally stoked about it.  When we went trick or treating to one house, he panicked, looked up at me, and said "is my black hair still there?" 

Trick or treating with some friends

                                     We love our MoHawk Lukie. But don't worry, it only lasted 2 days!
Our lovely Princess

We have the two prettiest princesses at our house:  Ariel and Sleeping Beauty!!

                                         And believe me!  This girl is a daddy's girl :)
And I forgot a few more pictures from our Fall photo shoot

Sweet baby Peesh. She is an angel

Luker and his sticks....

Emmie shakin her bootie

My lil guy :)  Love this pic

This last picture is great. Our faces show it all :)

Fall Pictures

Enjoy some fun fall pics we took this season.  There are some Halloween pictures from our church party as well. In a near future post I will have some pics from Trick or Treating (and Luke's new cool hair), as well as our adventures with the Bagleys (our cousins in NJ).  These first pics are from a walk Jon, Claire and I went on while the toddlers had a babysitter.

Emmie's babysitter let Emmie paint her face black!!  She is crazy (and a lot of fun)

Our Jack-O-Lantern

Ward Trunk or Treat. You will notice in the following pictures that Luke decided mid party to change outfits!

BatMan with BatGirl!

Leaf pile jumping with neighbors

Fall family pics!