Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring, please come!

The kids have been enjoying March snow.......I am waiting for spring :)

 We celebrated Jon's birthday this month....

We found Jon's car in the Metro parking and drew all over the windows on his bday. Emmie is greeting him excited to see his reaction.  It was a miracle that we found it....we hiked to the garage in a stroller and walked up and down the parking levels trying to find it!  The kids didn't want to give up and we finally found it on the third level!

Jon was so excited about his gifts :)

Especially these shoes...the same New Balances he has worn for a decade came back to life (he wanted to buy the exact same model!!)

Eating at our favorite pizza place, Santinis (it is next door to us!)

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband.
Shem's birthday is the same weekend as Jon's. We felt so lucky to travel to NY and attend his baptism. He looked so sharp in his suit. Here he is opening some birthday gifts (yes, magic tricks such as squirting gum...)

Londie Lou

We met afterward in the Primary room and had some food

This family is so darling. We love them and were so grateful to be there with them at that time. It was such a happy weekend!

We stayed with the newlyweds (we can still call you that until May 11.... :)

Waiting for the bus

Emmie's pigtails. She is my little hairdresser and does her own hair and mine

This is how we all felt traveling around in the big city

Central park

Would be such a cute pic if I had dropped the plastic bag!

Love these two. They are the best hosts. We had such a great time.

Emmie of course requested and loved this picture!

Sarah surprised the kids on St. Patty's day with her little leprechaun friend, Tewey

Tewey's green footprints leading to the surprises

Sarah fed us so well!  We loved their apt. It was a refuge from the craziness of the city

I love Sarah!  So glad Scot married such an amazing gal
I included this pic because it is proof that Claire cries.  hahahah  This is the only pic I have of her crying...
She is usually like this :)

These pics were taken at a very cold Easter egg hung.

Luke with his great makeshift Easter basket

Our good friends: Mira, Aadi and Dora

Our good friends: Grace, Otto and Shawnda
Emmie's friend Genna from Pre K

Grace and Claire.  Claire is officially a bottle baby!  After all the mastitis I dealt with, I am so grateful to have weaned Claire.  She dealt with the transition so well. She's a sweetheart!

Luke's friends: Aadi and Matthew

Claire bear is now moving.....As you can see she is headed for the stairs. We have a gate ordered and coming!!

A glimpse of Spring

Best Spaghetti picture ever

When Jon gets home from work, or wakes up in the morning and comes downstairs, Claire crawls as fast as she can to him. It is the cutest thing.

Morning hair!

Twinner jammies!  I love my girls

Emmie has become quite the photographer. I will load my pics, start going through them and find this!!!

3 cute kiddos watchin a lil show!

This is what I saw when I opened the door the other day...

My warrior buddies.
Easter egg painting!  We spilled all over the floor (not enough newspaper...)

We had a turkey for Easter dinner. Emmie remembered the Amelia Bedilia book where she "dresses the turkey" so she ran down to get pink shoes for our turkey!!!

These are the kind of days that I am hoping to see more.  Sidewalk picnic days...we like to go all out for picnics....ha!  This time we ventured a bit further than our porch and ended up a few yards away near our car :)  Happy Spring to all!