Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This is why I haven't posted lately...

My daily life has seemed pretty swamped lately.  Today got too good to keep to myself.  Claire has had an ear infection, and the antibiotic causes diarrhea.  I guess Luke wanted to make sure that if her blowouts got to her head, or face, she wouldn't get diaper rash there!  This is the chain of events leading up to this picture.  Claire had 3 blowouts this morning, and prior to this event Luke had pooped his pants.  So after putting the third round of diaper cream on Claire's bottom, I ran Luke's poopy pants downstairs to put them in the wash.  When I came upstairs 5 minutes later, this is what I saw.  Luckily this time, I held back a laugh.  And just so you know, Claire didn't make a peep the entire time he was doing this.  She is too good for her own good.  I'm glad he missed her eyes.  They both ended up in the tub. 

Emmie was in the same room as them and usually catches these things early.  However, she was working on a house for "stinky", her pet stink bug that she is pointing out in the second picture (we played beauty salon earlier and her makeup looks quite similar to mine at the moment!).

I put both kids in the bath and I just couldn't quite get the cream out of Claire's hair, even after 10 washes with baby shampoo.  I discovered the bum cream would work great for Halloween hair-dos! 

While I was dressing Claire, I went back to help Luke out of the bath and discovered that he had dumped the entire bottle of baby shampoo out in the tub (that I just bought yesterday because the day before he had dumped out our other one). Now I'm really not sure how I will get the cream out of Claire's hair because I am wiped out and don't want to go to the store! hahahha  And so it goes.....a day in the life of the Featherstones :)

The culprit himself:  How can I really get too mad at this boy?

Happy pooping!